//Chapter 3//

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One of the worst things about being stuck in a dark, windowless room is that you have no sense of how much time has passed. No idea just how long you've been in there. That and the suffocating silence makes you feel like you're going crazy.

The only person I've seen since that first day is the ever silent Carter, who brings me meals occasionally. I'm completely alone.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind, but it keeps throwing up pictures of my family, of Thao and all I can think about is whether they're looking for me, do they miss me? Are they worried?

Then another voice spoke up in my mind, 'they might not be, they might just think you up and left for another one of your little adventures.'

It's true, Thao and I often went off into the wilderness or other cities either to rock climb or just for an escape from everything. So who was to say I didn't just take off on my own little trip instead of babysitting. Tears roll down my face and I don't even bother to wipe them away as I lay there curled up in the dark crying silently.

Time passes, hell if I knew how long. It could've been hours, day's or longer. All I could do was lie on my small cot, staring numbly into the heavy darkness. Carter brought me another meal, silent as ever. Lying on the bed, I was feeling number and number about my situation, the dark room silent apart from when Carter brought me food. This made me want to shake him, yell at him, ask why they were dragging this out, if they're going to kill me, please don't let me spend much longer here.

But I didn't, all I did was lie here and try to ignore every thought I had, this is how things were. So when the door opened and I see Carter silhouette descending I didn't think anything of it, my growling stomach begged for food anyway.

I go back to staring off into the darkness, ignoring Carter as I lay there breathing in the stale, musty air. In the distance I hear rain pummelling against the roof, lulling me into a sleepy state as I practically forget about Carter's presence. That is until he darts in front of me, not speaking a word as he grabs my forearm and hauls me to my feet as I stare at him in confusion. His grip firm and calloused hands warm, he presses his finger to his lips and hushes me, "shh be quiet, you don't want to get caught do you?"

I frown in confusion, well then, maybe it's not my death day, maybe Carters helping me? surely not. He begins dragging me through the dark room, his footsteps silent against the concrete floor. We reach the stairs and he begins moving up them, slowly and drags me behind him. I was in too much shock to do anything but follow, was he actually helping me?


Carters P.O.V

It was the day before Astrid would meet the Boss, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shake her, or the nagging guilt from my mind. 'Face it, there's nothing you can do for her anyway.'

I snort and shake my head, since when did I let myself get soft over anyone? Feelings were weakness and I couldn't allow myself to get weak, not after all this time of building up my walls of steel. then there was the issue with Kode and Gorm, no doubt they would try to get back for what I did to them.

pressing my lips together in a firm line, I continue to walk out to the woods, a cool breeze ruffles my hair and the ground beneath my bare feet is squishy cold mud, from last night's rain.

The familiar scent of pine woodland washes over me as I break out into a jog, the woods were silent around me, aside from my own breathing. I felt my whole body relaxing as I inhale the piney air again.

 I felt my whole body relaxing as I inhale the piney air again

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