He says he loves you

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Drew: You and Drew was just walking in the park it was silent until Drew said something "Hey babe?" "Yes Drew?" "you know we have been together for 3 years and we tell each other everything?" "Yes why?" "Well I haven't told you one thing" you started to think all the bad things he could say and thought he cheated on you or something and started to cry. "(y/n) are you crying baby?" "because you said you didn't tell one thing and the one thing is you cheated on me is it?" "no babe I would never I was going to tell you that I love you." he said smiling. you smile and say "I love you too Drew thank god you don't cheat one" you say laughing wiping away tears "I'm sorry I thought you cheated on me Drew its just I have been cheated on so many times" you babble "(y/n) it's fine I understand I'm just glad you love me too" he smiles and kisses you.

Wes: You was at your house and you get a text from Wes it says 'hey babe want 2 go 2 the beach 2day??? Xxx' you giggle cause you love Wes so much but you and him never said 'I love you' to each other yea you put 'ily' in your text but never out loud. You replay 'only if I get to see you shirtless ;) xxx' he reply seconds later 'only if I get to see your amazing body ;p xxx' you laugh 'deal see you at the beach ily' 'okay ily too' you get ready and head to the beach when you get there Wes wasn't there you so you just sit in the sand. about 3 minutes later you feel someone sit down beside you, you look up and see Wes "hey" you smile "hi babe so I have to tell you something" he says but he doesn't smile like usual you got scared "did you cheat on me?" you say tearing up "no babe I'm just scared to tell you this" "your breaking up with me?" you cry harder "no I wanted to tell you I love you I was scared you wouldn't love me back I know we-" you cut him off by kissing him with so much passion when you stop he laughs "I take that as I love you too huh?" you laugh and nod your head.

Keaton: you was at Keaton's cause you spent the night with him and no you two didn't sleep together you was a virgin and he respected that. "hey (y/n) can you come here for a second baby" you hear Keaton call you from his room "yea sure be there in a second Keats" you say getting up off the couch you go up the stairs and open his door and you see Keaton shirtless an just in boxers "ummm Keats what you need?" you say trying not to stare he can tell and laughs "I needed your help with my outfit today" "well I like the one you have on" you mumble "Oh you do do you?" Keaton says you thought 'oh god he hear me' he laughs walks up to you and wraps his arms around your waist "so why do you like this so much?" you blush and try to hide your face in his chest "no babe don't hide the blush I like when you blush it's cute" he laughs "fine I like it cause I get to see that good looking body of yours" you whisper "well if you get to see me like this I get to see you to" you know he was joking but you loved Keaton and you thought it was time to tell him and show him so you take your shirt off and start to undo your pants "woah babe what are you doing?" Keaton says staring at you "well I want to show you that I love you so u think I'm ready" "you love me?" Keaton asks "yes I love you so much" "I love you too" he smiles "well I want to show you how much I love you" "you don't have to babe" "I know but I want to" you say wrapping your arms around his neck and kiss him he kisses back then it starts to get heated and he places you on the bed "are you sure about this we can wait?" "no I want this" "okay tell me if I hurt you okay?" "okay" he get the condom then takes his boxers off while you take the rest of your clothes off. Keaton puts the condom on and positions at you entrance and pushes in. I think you knows where it goes from there. ;)










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