1-The Family

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Hello everyone my name is Ika. I'm the cousin of this person account even though it was mine in the beginning, and she took over when I went away for college but any way I have time so I decided to write a book. let me know what you think. 

Waking up to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window, I groan looking around my room wishing I can stop the sound those birds were creating. I sigh taking a deep breath turning my head to an angle where now the bright sun is now kissing my face. My eyes blinking, adjusting to the new light that is now affecting my eye sight. Turning my head back to the original side I yawned instantly shutting my mouth as I now smell the breath that is coming out my mouth. My face crunches up in a disgust expression telling me it is now time to get up and out of bed.

Once I got out of bed and began heading my way to the bathroom, a light knock on my bed room door made me halt, tip toeing quickly to my bed pulling the covers over my head right when the door open. I can hear the person heavy foot dragging their shoes towards my way.

"Asha" the voice I now recognize as my older brother Stanley. He's voice wasn't too loud, but just enough to wake me up. I didn't create a sound as I wasn't in the mood to be bothered. He repeated my name again a little louder now, adding a light shake on my shoulder.

"Asha, you need to wake up. Mom and Pop called me to wake you up so you can get ready to go out with them. They're coming to pick you up" He said pulling the covers hard and fast away from me. I thank God that I'm wearing clothes, because if this fool pull the covers on me without me having clothes I would have strangle him. I finally surrender letting my eyes flutter open and drinking in he's appearance. Stanley gotten taller letting himself grow a beard and mustache, making him look more of a father model then a young adult. He's light brown eyes sent a smile an actually smile while glancing down on me with my annoyed expression. After a while of our staring contest I gave in smiling at him.

"Stanley what do you want?" I told him stepping on to the carpet and stretching my whole body. He laid on my bed looking up to the ceiling where the fan was turning. I called he's name once more and he finally looked up to me smiling in the process.

"I'm sorry Asha, but mom and pop wants to hang with you and called me here to wake you up." I sigh shaking my head and glancing to the clock that was on my bed room drawer. It read twelve fifty-two. I didn't start work until around four in the afternoon. I huff in annoyance trying to find an escape route from this situation.

"There's no way in escaping it this time Asha. You might as well go and see what they want to talk about with you." He told me as if he was reading my thoughts.

"Why don't you come with me Stanley, and that way we can also hang out and catch up." I told him while trying to find an outfit to wear before I go and shower. It's true when I ask for him to come along. When I came back down Stanley and I didn't have time to get together to catch up even though this is he's apartment and I was staying with him, because I didn't feel like seeing our parents. I took a cab down to he's apartment while he was a work, and was able to find the spare key he always hid underneath the mat. I snap back to reality and I look back to where he was sitting and saw him thinking whether he should go with me.

"I don't know Asha-"

"Right now dad is okay with you and has no problems with you. I'm just the opposite and you know that. I can't be in the same room without him telling me the choices I'm making is horrible-"

"Asha why don't you look at it in a way of him helping you-"

"Stanley you actually think dad is helping me? He's a control freak and the only reason I'm back here is because you, mom, Jessica and Angelica." I said whispering the last part. Stanley got quiet and clench he's fist on to the sheets, and I myself got quiet turning away from him. Maybe that wasn't a good idea to say, especially after what happen to her. My heart got heavy waiting for Stanley to say something, anything at this point. After a few minutes, he finally said something.

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