10>A day in the life of the fujioka family

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This can't be right.

Hey everyone, why don't you come in?
I know it's not much but please make yourselves at home.
I'll make us some tea.
Um, I'm sorry.
We don't have enough cups, but we do have some bowls.
Hey, here.

Hey boss, what's with this place?
She lives here?

Maybe, it's some kind of set.
You know, like in the movies.

I-I-I-I hope so.
Calm down, you guys.
I bet this is the storeroom.
I'm positive the infinite cosmos is just on the other side of that closet.

Hikaru and Kaoru:
Then, should we try to open it?

Now's not the time.

Hikaru and Kaoru:
Got it.

Since you guys decided to come by at lunchtime, my dad said it would be rude if we didn't offer you enough something to eat.
We've been fasting for three days to save up money to buy something suited to your taste.
But it's all worth it as long as you guys like it.
A sushi sampler.
It was marked down at the supermarket.
How about that?

Sorry, we came to visit, Haru-chan.
Don't make us eat it.

Be strong, men.
Haruhi suffered for our benefits.
So it's the least we can do.

But sir, I'm not even sure this is fish.

Wow, I can't believe it.
Isn't this a piece of fancy tuna?
I've never tasted it till now.
It's delicious.

No, Haruhi!
That's just regular old tuna.
It's by no means fancy.
Just a dream.

Good morning, Master Tamaki.
Anything we can do for you?

I need to get going.
Please bring the car around front at once.

Yes, of course, sir.

I beg you pardon, Master Tamaki, but what would you like for breakfast this morning?

I don't want any.
I already told you I have to get going.
I can't shake that nightmare I had this morning.
I respect the privacy of our club members.
So I've never intruded on their personal lives.
But what if Haruhi really is living in poverty?
What if the pover is at home?
I have to go see Haruhi and try to get the truth out of her.
I've gotta get to school.

Hold it right there, Master Tamaki.
I can't let you leave the house like that.
You're still wearing your pajama bottoms and your house slippers.
Well, he's not the brightest young man.

Thank you, Shima and I'll be going now.

I hate to be a bother, Master Tamaki, but today is Sunday, which means you don't have to go to school today, sir.

Oh really.
Well, why don't you make me aware of that fact earlier?

As your maid, it's my duty to help you.
However, I want you to become a fine gentleman.
So, you must be able to recognize your own mistakes.
Since you suddenly have some free time on your hands, why don't we work on your manners?

I have to make a call.
Someone, bring me a phone.


Hey Kyoya, there's something I need to talk to you about.

"A Day in the Life of the Fujioka Family".

That was some sale.
There's no better time to hit the supermarket than a Sunday morning.
Now all I've gotta do when I get home is clean and do some laundry.
What's going on?
Why are they in front of our apartment?

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