You Can Stand Under My Umbrella (Mystrade Fluff)

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"..Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Watson"

Anthea looked up at Mycroft, and nodded, seeing the British Government watching his brother and the doctor walked away.

Mycroft sighed, Anthea getting back in the car, and decided he would walk home. He needed to think, and he had his umbrella, so he would be okay.

The car drove away within seconds, leaving Mycroft at the crime scene, surrounded by the ordinary and mundane.

Except for one.

His gaze was drawn to Detective Inspector, Greg Lestrade, deep in conversation with someone of no importance to Mycroft. Even in the dim, street lit area, Mycroft could make out every wrinkle on Gregs face. He had the same abilities as Sherlock, heightened in fact, but preferred not to do the legwork. The only thing he wanted to investigate was the D.I's mouth.

Mycroft shook his thoughts from his head, seeing various cars drive away and people leaving, until only he, Lestrade and some intrested people remained.

Mycroft continued to study Lestrade, until the Inspector noticed and began to walk towards him.

Mycroft panicked, turning on his heel and walking away quickly. He couldn't afford for Lestrade to discover Mycrofts secret.

"Mycroft! Mycroft wait!"

Mycroft stopped and Lestrade ran to him side, shooting him a smile which Mycroft couldn't help but return it. Lestrades hair was messy, and Mycroft could imagine what he could do if he had a grip of it. If he had Lestrades lips on his own, skin against skin, sweat mixing, raging-

"Are you walking?"

Mycroft returned his mind to the man beside him and nodded, twirling the umbrella around his hand.

"Mm yes. I enjoy watching London at night. Peaceful at times"

Lestrade nodded, "Can I join you? The wife took the car once the divorce went through"

Mycrofts eyes lit up slightly and nodded, beginning to walk with Lestrade at his heels.

"The case was intruiging, don't you think Lestrade?"

"Call me Greg. If I call you Mycroft, allow me to show the same courtesy. And yes, you're brothers clever. I'm struggling not to punch him"

Mycroft laughed, smiling down at Greg and subtly moving closing,

"You have my permission to do so. Do you think we shall recieve his wedding invitation by Friday?"

Greg looked up, confused, "Wedding?"

"With John"

The pair burst out laughing, Mycroft cherishing this moment with the only person he allowed sentiment.

"Oh" Greg murmered as a raindrop fell on his nose, the same happening to Mycroft a moment later until the heavens were pouring down.

Mycroft put up his umbrella quickly and wrapped an arm around Gregs shoulders to keep him covered. A blush crept up his neck, Gregs cheeks also flushed red, as Mycroft continued to walk down the street with him.

They walked past a window, but stopped as Mycroft heard music flowing out;

"You had my heart,

And we'll never be words apart

Maybe in magazines

But you'll still be my star,"

Mycroft looked down at Greg, feeling his pulse quicken, knowing his pupils were dilated. He'd wanted to kiss the inspector for years, and now he thought he'd gotten his chance.

"Cause baby in the dark

You cant see shiny cars

And that's when you need me there

With you I'll always share


Mycroft pulled Greg closer and took his free hand, beginning to dance with him under the umbrella, to which Greg complied happily.

"When the sun shines we'll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever

Said I'd always be your friend

Took an oath

I must stick it out till the end

Now that its raining more than ever

Know that we'll still have eachother

You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella"

as the song continued, Mycroft threw away the umbrella and pulled Greg into a sweet kiss that he had waited years for. Greg smiled into it and kissed him back, wrapping his arms around his neck.

After a few minutes, they broke away, soaked and faces flushed. Mycroft smiled, and Greg returned it. Kissing his cheek, Mycroft whispered,

"You can stand under my umbrella"

With that, Mycroft picked up the umbrella and the blushing pair returned to walking through the streets of London.

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