Linsey's PoV.
i sat up quickly from my bed as I looked around. No no no no no.... T-their safe... W-we're all safe. I got out of bed slowly and carefully, and tiptoed outside into the hall.
I checked Emile's room, expecting it to be empty, or worse. He was asleep, cuddled against Jon, Jon being the big spoon of course. I let out a sigh as I walked in, going over to the small Cradle by Emile's side of the bed and looked down.

"Hi little Alex..." I whispered as I saw him awake, his bright blue eyes were shining in the moonlight. He let out a little coo before grabbing ahold of my finger in a tight gripped. I giggled softly before I heard movement and I looked up.

"Lin? W-what are you doing...?" Emile asked as he carefully say up, not waking Jon up. I shrugged my shoulders as I picked up Alex, sitting in a chair with him.

"I couldn't go back to sleep so I came in to check on Alex..." I whispered as I held him, making sure he didn't cry and wake Jon up.

"Oh... Was it a nightmare...?" Emile asked carefully as he walked over, sitting next to me in another chair.

I just nodded my head and slowly explained to him. How Amber was taken by bowser, how He and Jon were taken by the boss... I refuse to call him father. How Cole left me, How Meru was beaten by Henry, How Katy was taken away and tested on for being a hybrid. How I tried to save Alex but I couldn't do it... I couldn't save any of them.

After I told him I was shaking so bad I was afraid I'd drop Alex and I handed him to Emile.

"I-it was so scary... I-I didn't know what to do... I-I thought it was real... I-it looked so real Da..." I whispered as I started to cry softly. I could feel wrap an arm around me as I cried. He started to whisper softly into my ear, comforting me as I cried.

After awhile (actually it was only two minutes.) my sobbing became hiccups and I was holding little Alex again who was asleep. He was adorable in his sleep...

"He's adorable... I whispered as Alex made a noise in his sleep, snuggling closer to me.

"That's why we picked him... He's adorable... And lovable... Like someone else too." Emile whispered and lightly pinched my cheeks, I swatted at his hand as I chuckled.

"Go back to sleep Da... I'll be okay now... Thank you." I whispered to him as I saw him yawn. He nodded his head and stood up, shuffling over to the bed and laying down next to Jon, falling asleep immediately.

I nodded my head and looked at Alex, smiling softly as I felt my eyes close.
Jon's PoV
I smiled as I looked at Alex and Linsey from the bed. Linsey was holding Alex tightly as she slept, Alex was asleep in her arms.

"Oh man that's adorable." I heard Emile whisper and I nodded.

"Agreed." I whispered as I took a few pictures. Major blackmail worthy as Linsey was becoming a bit on the, lets just say, she starting to become one of those teenagers who are snarky and sarcastic. I wonder who she picked that up from. Probably both Emile and I.

Linsey moved a bit in her sleep and yawned,  as she rubbed her eyes with one hand, the other holding Alex firmly. She fixed her glasses a bit and opened her eyes. She fixed Alex then looked up at Emile and I.

"Erase the photos." She warned us, her accent making it slightly harder to understand her.

"Blackmail. So no." I laughed as she snarled at us and placed Alex back in his crib. She left the room but I saw her smile softly.

"She likes him at least. I thought she wouldn't want to be near him for at least another week." I said as I sat up more, chuckling as I heard Linsey laugh as Cole probably pick her up. They are adorable.

"Come on. Let's start this day off right. Breakfast with bacon." Emile said as he pecked my lips softly and I smiled.


And that's it. That's the end. A little happy ending. I'm legit really sorry that I can't make this story end correctly. This is the best I can do. Good news (or bad news if you don't care.) is I started a new book. It's called "A little mischief isn't that hard to manage." It's a Harry Potter book, one that I've had written in a notebook for ages. I have about 40-45 pages already written in a notebook. Chapter 1-1 is already published! I hope you guys check it out!

I hope you all enjoyed I was adopted by chuggaaconroy, and who knows, maybe they'll be another Chugga book. :) You'll have to wait and see. Goodbye and thanks for reading my first book on wattpad! :)

Goodbye Wolves!
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