Life Before Her

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My name's Jessica, but my friends call me Jess, and I am thirteen years old. I live a relatively normal life. I live with my mum, my stepdad Paul and his two daughters, Daniella, 16, and Elisha, 6. I get along with them, but it doesn't help that sometimes it feels like they love me more than my mum does. My dad left when I was eight and I haven't seen him since.

I basically live in my room, that I share with El, and all I do is watch films. I am totally obsessed with pitch perfect and all of its cast, especially Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. The only time I leave my room is to go and see friends.

I'm not popular at school, I have three friends, Kelley, Chloe and Emma. The four of us are like sisters, even though we're all so different. Kelley is the sporty one, Chloe is the girly one and Emma and I are both musical but she's better at theory and I'm more geeky.

So, that's my life. It's kinda dull, and I often wish it was better.

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