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I was getting dressed when I heard Adriana whining behind me. I looked back and saw she was rubbing her stomach.

"Contractions?" I asked.

"They fucking hurt" she said sitting up.

"Go ahead and get dress so we can leave by the time my mama get here" I told her. She sighed getting up. Graduation day is finally here and a nigga was happy. I finally decided what u wanted to be in life and honestly its probably the best idea I had in years. It might be an basic job but owning my own construction company would be a dream that I hope I can pursue.

"AUGUSTT" I heard her yell. I chuckled waljjmg in the bathroom seeing her with her dress in her hand.

"Yeah baybeh"

"Can you help me get it on" she asked.

"Yea c'mere" I said. I pulled the dress over her head letting her put her arms through the holes before pulling it down. She turned around and I zipped her up.

"I feel fat in this" she said sighing. I kissed her lips

"You know your not fat baby. Far from that"I said hearing a knock on the door. I ran down stairs looking through the peephole as I opened the door

"Hey mama" I said kissing her cheek.

"Hey baybeh how adri doin'" she asked.

"She got contractions" I tol' ha

"Them shits hurt like a motherfucker definitely when I had yo peanut head ass" she said. I grabbed my chest leaning back.

"Dang ma Travis was worse than me.. you said that"

"Well I lied.... Adrii baybeh" she yelled walking past me. My ma I tell ya. Adriana walked down the stairs holding her stomach.

"The baybeh comin' out any second now" she said rubbing her stomach.

"I know I can't wait" adri said smiling.

"Where everyone at?" I asked.

"They driving down there now. Let's get you there" she said grabbing my hand. I was mad as fuck since we was having our graduation outside. Its about to be hot as a motherfucker. We all got in the car. I slid the baby bag in the car just in case. Since she 8 months we bring that bag everywhere just in case if anything happens. I was nervous and happy at the same time. I came all this way and finally made it. I had my thoughts about dropping out and honestly I'm glad I didn't do that. I wouldn't be in this position now if I didn't continue.

We was all lined up in the seats. I was just ready for her to say the name. The same brown skin girl I saw at practice walked up there with a mic. She spotted me looking at her and smiled. I didn't show any emotion just because I already have somebody. She started singing and shit her voice was good. She didn't move her stare away from me either. She had a good Lil voice on ha.

"Thank you Elaina Townsend" the lady said. She broke her stare and smiled at the audience and sat down. I laid my face on my fist trying to block the sun.

"We are so proud of the 2016 graduates this year. We came so far as a family and sadly this year will never be forgotten. Now for the time you all have been waiting for. The 2016 students" she said. I finally sat up ready. My row was first.

"Alisa Aaron" she walked across.

"Nathan Acorn with an AB average" he walked across.

"August alsina" I shook ole dude hand and grabbed the book out his hand. I turned and took my picture. When I was looking at my family I seen them rushing out with Adriana. I looked left and right and quickly walked away.


"August baby her water broke hurry up" I was sweating badly. I felt bad that he walked away from his graduation. It was his day and I kinda ruined it in a good way.

"Babeh are you okay?" He asked rubbing my stomach.

"No this baby is coming now. It hurts so bad " I said tearing up.

"I got you. " he said kissing my head.
"She is 9 inches dilated already.. She's almost ready" the doctor said to the nurse. They just gave me the epidural to numb the pain in my vaginal area. My baby was almost here. I was taking big breaths. I went straight to the delivery room because I was dilating quick.

"She's ready sir"

"Okay Adriana when I count down I want you to push as hard as you can" I nodded breathing hard. August held my hand.

"1 2 3" I pushed as hard as I could but it felt like I did nothing.

"Push" he said. I could feel tears going down my face ad I pushed again. This shit is hard..

"We see the head. Give me one more good push" he said.

"Oh my goshh." I yelled pushing again. I heard faint cries.

"Its a girl" he said. I smiled feeling relieved. August went to cut the cord as his mom took a picture.

"What are y'all named her." He asked passing me my baby.

"Khelani marie alsina" I said. He nodded putting a band on her arm.

"Oh my gosh. Y'all made some good babies." Travis said. He just walked in about two seconds ago.

"She has a head full of hair just like august" I said laughing as her Cries went down

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"She has a head full of hair just like august" I said laughing as her Cries went down. I was going to breastfeed but I wasn't feeling the pain to go with it.

"She's so beautiful" august mumbled kissing her small hand.

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