Who I am, Hmong

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For the Hmong people, we are one root from one name and one story. No difference because we all experience the Secret War. Although, I am young I believe that Shao has recreated me as a Hmong girl who had died during the war. That is why we don't feel the killings on our heart anymore. Instead we were born as the same race so we can feel the same story and killings. The name Hmong was given by the Chinese people, who hated the Hmong people so much. They've given that name as the wild grass from the side of the mountains that never died so easily no matter how deep you dig them. It frustrated them so much that when they saw us the same as the low grass on the side they gave us that name.

I am proud and happy to be born as a Hmong women in my one life because I find something new everyday to learn from my own culture, religion and family. Of course, I cherish and love my parents more than anything. If they are not living in the mortal world anymore, I would still pay respect to them, burn gold paper or what we called give money to them to use in the afterlife world.
I am lost at words for all my elders, ancestors, generals, parents, Hmong people, young soldiers, infants who grew up to defend the country even after the elders have died during the war and still kept it going. I really just want to say thanks for all of their sacrifices that made it possible for the Hmong people to come to America making new dreams. My dream was to go and meet the statue of General Vang Pao at the national memorial at Washington D.C where I can yell, be mad and last but not least be thankful for and to him. In the year of 1975 he left for America, leaving the Hmong people behind. I remember watching this documentation of him and my tears start to drop even before he can began his words of why he left and what he did. He left because they lost to the communist with only his families and the top generals leaving the tears of the Hmong still unfixed. Why?! I wanted to ask. Why did he leave the Hmong people behind? Therefore, he cried savagely when he was on the helicopter watching back Long Cheng's land in disperse of war, a disaster uncompleted and left behind those in need of help. Many died, in the case of women and girls ages 11-50 being raped by the communist and the men beaten and strangled to death. Worst than we can ever imagine in this world of ours where violence cannot be happened, where women's rights were stronger than strengths and words of voices that can changed the world.
When the Hmong people first arrived in the U.S, we didn't have chairs to sit on, any possessions to wealth and we start from the bottom to the top. We have meetings, but we sit on the ground. Now we don't have meetings like that anymore, but we do have chairs to sit on, house to stay in and words to motivates others. We just don't do it because we were stupid enough to not realize that the conversation we used to have were more important than anything else in the world. Like I say, little troubles lead to big problems and that's us. We lead little troubles destroy us, now we have almost nothing left and we still didn't how to love each other. I guess when Poseidon takes over Earth again and Mars became another planet Shao created to the humans we will all began to truly felt sorry to our ancestors, elders and parents.
There are still more to this culture of mine and closely have there been a book about the Hmong people. Through researching in books and other reliable sources came only little information. With my story, I hope it has help others to regain self conscious of where we really came from, where we started, why we came to America, how it happened and who brought us to America to make many dreams possible. Lastly, I will always believe that one day we Hmong people will come together to love each other and bring forth our language that was once lost to the beginnings of Earth again.      

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