What I believe is my origin

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I believe in Shaman. It is a culture where I valued and worship my ancestors even after they leave the mortal world and believe that if I did the good and pray to them in return, I will receive only the good. I don't believe in ghost though, I only believe that my ancestors who left the mortal world are still living as spirits. That, I gave them food when it is first ripe from the fields before I eat and speak to them of good sayings as connection with them. Other people says that we believe in ghost, but instead we don't believe in ghosts. They are just souls and spirits of the people who left the mortal world where my ancestors believed we can communicate with them in our minds and dreams, they can make us sick, can possessed us and take us with them which means that we can die leaving our formal body behind in the mortal world. But there's only one way for us to get rid of the spirit which is shaman. There are devil spirits, revenging ones and nice ones. To give you an advice, devil ones are really complicated to get rid of and it's not funny to joke about it around at night. But spirits are not bad because sometimes the men or women shaman can solve the mystery of the dead by communicating with them. It is possible to see your true love or love ones through Shaman. Meaning that, when a living person lives with us we must love them to the top so when they leave us behind we won't have many sorrows and so do they. We'll live happily even when they are gone and it won't be that troublesome to us who are still living. If we don't love them when they are still living then when they leave us behind, our life will be miserable. When we needed their help they won't helps us and will come as spirits to pay the sins back called karma. The word Shaman means a practitioner who performs a ritual that involves healing the sick. There is a spirit who came to them in dreams or visions that conveys messages to them, that they need to be ready to go on a journey into the spirit world. It is very shivering for them because if they can't communicate well with the devil spirits then they could leave their formal body while doing shamanism.
Shaman is one powerful religion in my culture, but as the Hmong people shifts to many areas of the world and move to the U.S. these belongings and possessions were either brought along or were gone as some don't value for them anymore. It isn't just shaman possessions that we didn't value and brought forth along with us to where we had move to, but other belongings and values such as sayings of the curability, our writings and books of our own language. These stuffs, numerous Hmong people did not value them anymore because it doesn't bring them wealth.
Secondly, they believe in the Christianity because they think that shaman doesn't work for them and they don't know that their parents or ancestors who gave birth to them to the world were always a tradition to be worshipped and valued. I saw that there are more Hmong people who believed in other cultures that are young while the ones still believing in Shaman is the older ones. The older people know what it feels like to lose one's language and land as these were small group of minorities. The younger ones don't know what they will lose until they shed blood tears. Like the saying, " You don't know how it feels, the thing is you read to know the facts and what happens in history, but the real truth is really shivering. You will have to be present there so you will know how it feels as the facts only lives in the books now." Only the old people, will still believe and bring the religion continuing the culture, yet some savagely goes in opposite directions saying it's fake and they can't use them due to their unknown abilities of the language and physical knowledge.
Thirdly, they are tired of the Hmong rules and some who are cruel enough to burn the possessions to show it on media that have hurt the ones who still believed in Shaman. I believe that Shao will punish them for what sins they have committed to their culture. Not even embracing that they are Hmong. We, who still believe in Shaman knows this, so we stay still and quiet because those who needed to be discipline will be. Karma will come now, either sooner or later in their life. We also believe that karma is a big crisis in one's life. Which is a bad reputation where they have tortured someone in their past life or refused another person's kind dignity by using poor and harsh words towards them. My culture is not something to be dissed and disrespected because once you leave and enter a new religion the ancestors will follow you. They will dislike the new religion and can make you come back such as making you sick, making your whole entire life complicated, make you poor and make your newborn baby perish.
This is not blaming the elders, but some are really going in the wrong way. If they still believe in Shaman, their kids will also, but they have lead their kids to a whole new different path. We young fellows were told to follow our elder's footsteps and listen to them, yet they had disrespected their own culture and burned everything to ashes. This is wrong and I really wish they can't forget who they are. I believe that when they were born, they cried three sounds denoting that they were born to the world significantly and pledge to Shao that they are completing a task or mission from him being Hmong. We Hmong people, has come a really long way and it is terrifying that the Hmong language will be lost in the next three generations as the sayings and writings itself.
In this world where we called the faraway sky, can still sustain our religion. The sayings of the curability and the sayings of Hmong weddings can still work in this world. There is one saying from our ancestors way long before wars started that, We Hmong people, will shifts and move to many places around the Earth living in different places which there lives only the giants. They have already see the future ahead. It is not that we are so powerful, it is just that we value and pay respect to our ancestors so they helped us in return with our life. We Hmong people, have been the longest to live in age because we lived in mountains, we eat vegetables grown from good soils and drink fresh water from the waterfalls and rivers.
We have lived a healthy and happy life, but one day those who are jealous of our Hmong people's life came to killed and have war with us. We were the innocent ones so we didn't fight back instead we use words to fix the problem. Still, it didn't work that way so we decided that it was time to protect and defend ourselves. Wars raged on. The Hmong escalate out to China, to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and then the U.S. while others also moved to Australia, France and England. I just felt that the way we shift and alters to different parts and land of the Earth, we have learned not just so much but more than enough. Those who believe in Shaman still have the hope of having a land. When we have our land, these people who were parted from different worlds will come to live in the land and use their abilities from what they have learned from the divergent terrain. This is only good hope and a dream to the Hmong people. The ancestors also see the life of the future of the Hmong people after they have shed blood tears and lived in different parts of the world. It is written in books before all of these happened. Books of our own language that we have to learn, read and write. 

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