Where they really came from

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Ever since I was a young kid, I grew up knowing nothing about my own culture. Questions flashes through my mind. What mighty power do they have to protect what they have? This is not to deceive the audience, but to tell my Hmong people of my short story on what I believe was the past that such things does, still and will exists. I also want them to know the root stories of the Hmong people, stories they have never heard of. This is not to put my culture and my Hmong people down, but to retold the lost that they've lost and needed to be gained again.

I believe that Hmong people were the root of this mortal world even though we don't have any real physical evidence to prove how and why although we do have mental evidence from our elders and parents. There is a story that tells how this world came about. To begin it and end it is really hard, but the outcome is real.

The story first begins like this, there was a planet in dark galaxy that only animals lived in, but an immortal lord called, Shao wanted to change the way the planet was. He had a really brilliant idea, what he called the humans, would be able to control the world for a real long time. He decided to built these ceramics humans with noses, eyes, mouths, brains, etc. Shao turned those stone like humans into life with those vigorous power of his. On the other hand, Shao can also reverse the humans back into stone forever. That's why in this particular story, when he had first built the human species and release them down to the planet, Earth, it was a test. The test was to examine if these humans can feel and to love each other, yet it was the opposite. He released four human sons down to Earth each with different horses. The older one with a black horse that couldn't fly fast, the middle brothers with brown horses and the youngest one with the white horse that flies really fast. That's why now we don't have that many white horses in Earth. He lied to younger brother that he needs to use his white horse, but instead he cuts the wings off the horse. The younger brother's white horse couldn't fly fast anymore. Shao couldn't really believe what he saw and it was hard to understand. He said to them beforehand, " Don't share your horses to anyone," but they didn't listen to him. This interpret that the younger one is so kind that he got lied by the older one. The older brother is jealous, yet very unpassionate. The test is that the older brother can be patient and love his younger brothers letting them pass and protecting them no matter the dangerous adventures they've been through. The older brother wasn't applying any of these rules at all. Shao gave them another test, this time it was for the younger brother.

Just like in the Greeks mythology, the sons were fighting for places, but there is a pleasant one who can solve the mystery.

After all of this complications, each of them were to go and live a life that they have deemed to. The younger one was placed with a land full of bewilderment, only trees and forest surrounded by it. It was in the SouthEast, which now is SouthEast Asia. The older one was assigned the cold, yet aligned land full of beautiness. The other two brothers were assigned in the middle east of where Russia is now. Shao assigned harder task for the nice ones because he want them to learn, love, appreciate and be stronger in all the forms of complicated situations they've encountered. The connection between parts of the story is very similar to the Greek mythology.
In this myths and legends, I believe that the horses belongs to the Hmong sons like Zeus in Greeks and the movie Lords of the Ring, which used to roam and fly around Earth only in the sky which is very superior and strong. It also dignifies who they are.

Years after years and still no concerns from each of them reporting to Shao, he called them up to the sky. He assumed that the all the brothers must have already built their own land and in response, they all did. The younger one, crafts wooden tools from the trees and made houses. The other brothers made steel tools for good used and well prepared for Shao. The older one was just doing nothing because he was well laid off and spoiled.
Many American stories talks about Greeks of the immortal and mortal world, documentation of the neanderthals and what they assume to be the history of this human species world we live in. For me, every time I read those stories it came to me that there is a lot of things similar and alike in every concepts in my own story of my culture. There is one thinking I have in mind for a real long time. Where does the American people really come from in the beginning of Earth and what makes them become really powerful, yet their side of the story doesn't have any ties to any of these related tales? The reaction I have is really strong. My instinct was that every culture and origin in this world have the same root, but slightly different beliefs.

Shao then created human females and parted them with the sons. Women were always the weakest and behaved the lowest and is treated the same in this myth world. They were to work alongside with their husband. The story goes on with jealousy, unraveled mysteries and love. The younger brother was named with his wife as the lovely young chicken and the handsome young bird. Shao couldn't stay still with his human species behaving the way they are, so he allowed the water also known as Poseidon in the Greek Mythology, to overtake Earth only half way. This will take all of the human species to Shao's world as they were prescribed a new golden rule. It doesn't goes as planned. An old couple has a son and a daughter they hid both properly in a big deep circular wooden old drum when the water overtake the world almost to the sky. The brother and the sister waited until the water has finally dried up and will come out. They have come out, but there was no humans which left only bones. The animals were smarter because of their hearings and some hid, survived and died. In this myth, the sky used to be so closed to the ground and the Hmong people can still speak with Shao. The brother and sister didn't know what to do so the brother thought it would be good to married the sister off. Both of them went to ask Shao, what really happened and what they should do if there's no one but only to married each other off? Shao said that it wasn't a good idea, but if that was the only option to have humans back into Earth then they should do this. Early in the morning when the sun hasn't woke the Earth up they would have to roll a rock down the high mountain and if the rock is not lopsided, but straight up then they can married each other off. The next morning they did what Shao had told them to. But when the rock has rolled down the hill, it was lopsided. The brother said that he will go and check it, but he turned the rock straight up. When the sister came down the mountain she saw that the rock was straight like the brother had told her. She couldn't do anything, but to married her brother. They married each other and for some years and they have a baby. That baby has no heads, no eyes, no feet and arms, no ears nothing except the fact that it was just a clump of human flesh. This is because they have disobey Shao's law of marrying their own siblings. They didn't know what to do so they went to ask Shao again. Shao gives them an answer once more.
Shao said, " Slice the human flesh into 12 parts and throw them in the near house, backyard and physical tools."
They did like what he had told them. The 12 pieces of flesh was thrown all over the areas Shao have given them. The very next day, what the brother and sister couple have found was unbelievable. The pieces of flesh they have thrown into different places, there was the Hmong people living already. They didn't know what to do so they give the last names referring to the places they have thrown the pieces of flesh to the Hmong people. The first one who was given the task as the oldest and the leader was the last name embracing "Vang". A new family of that clan was born and there were two sons. As the sons mutated to the adult stage they were given the mission to tell all the animals as representatives to bawl the nine suns and eight moons out to shine the Earth because when the suns and moons have left the sky it was completely dark. At first the sons went to shoot and try calling out the suns and moons. They shot 8 suns and 7 moons left with one each. The leftover sun and moon went into hiding. The sons went to call again, but they didn't bothered coming out. They tried until they were out of options except to tell the animals to see if they can call the sun and moon out. If they can, then they were rewarded a comb. The animals each and every did bawled, but came no positive response from the sun and moon. The next dark day, came a rooster who bawled to the suns and moons.
He bawled kindly like this. " Come out pretty sun and handsome moon, we need your help to light up the Earth again. We cannot live without you guys. We will wake up from the early morning and sleep at night. Please come out! Come out!" The suns and moons finally came out. The rooster was rewarded for what he had done to help save the animals and humans. Now as we can see, roosters have big red combs on their head and was assigned to call the pretty sun out every morning over the horizontal line. 


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