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Phil Lester had known about soulmates from a very young age. His earliest memory was of his older brother, Martyn, having a birthday party and meeting Cornelia, a plus one, there. He watched as Martyn introduced himself and politely shook her hand. The minute their skin touched, sparks seemed to zap out from their hands, surrounding them ethereally. Mrs. Lester had been overjoyed, quickly explaining to toddler Phil what had happened.

"Martyn found his soulmate," his mother had said. "The sparks let you know, but they'll only show when you come in contact with your soulmate. Some day that will be you, Philip," she wistfully continued while beaming at her elder son. Phil was confused, being merely 5, but over the years he began to understand...

When you see two soulmates interact in their budding relationship firsthand, you start to catch on.

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