Chapter 3

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Dean's POV

The next day in gym Seth didn't show up. I should have been able to focus better with out him here but I couldn't. I'm really trying to do my best at wrestling because if I do good they will let me go to NXT and I can train to be a WWE superstar which has always been my dream since I was little.

After gym I texted Seth.

Dean: hey Seth it's Dean are you at school today?

Seth: why do you care?

Dean: look I need to talk to you. Are you here?

Seth: yes I wasn't at gym because I was at the nurse. Sorry. What do you want to talk to me about?

Dean: meet me in the boys bathroom upstairs.

Seth: ok

Seth's POV

I get this text from Dean saying to meet him in the boys bathroom upstairs. I get nervous. What if he wants to beat me up for kissing him the other day? I get nervous as I go up to meet him.

As soon as I walk in Dean kisses me. I kiss him back loving it. I'm a little shocked and confused as to why he kissed me but why not be happy and enjoy it. Dean pushed his tongue in my mouth and deepened the kiss. I couldn't help it any longer and I started to moan into the kiss. Dean eventually pulls away.

"Seth I'm so sorry for how I treated you in the past. But I like you I really do and since the day you kissed me I can't stop thinking about you." Dean said. I'm shock by what I hear and I can't help but blush. "So can we at least start over and be friends?" Dean asked. "Sure." I said smiling. Dean hugged me and then we walked out to our cars together.

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