Chapter 57

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"Right now?" Hailie asked.

She nodded. "I told him he should wait but he insisted."

"Who is Olwyn?" Shen asked.

"The leader for this side of the island and Keagan's father," Hailie said. She tried to stand up and almost fell over. Shen caught her before she hit the ground.

"Tell him he needs to wait," Shen said.

"I would prefer to get this over and done with," Hailie said.

"How? You can barely stand."

Hailie pushed herself away from Shen. "I will manage." He let her go and stood back.

Geron came back inside and Minerva took them to the biggest house in the village. The others were waiting on them inside.

"Is everyone here now?" Olwyn asked. Keagan stood next to him. Hailie couldn't see how this could turn out well for her.

"Yes," the Captain said. "Apologies. I should have come to see you sooner." The Captain may be a pirate now, but he still knew how to speak politely.

"Yes you should have," Olwyn said. He turned his eyes to her. "Hailie. I see you have returned."

"It is only temporary, I can assure you," Hailie said.

"I should hope so." He turned back to the Captain. "Why are you all here?"

"One of my children was sick and dying and we didn't have the necessary supplies to save him. We needed help. This was the closest island."

"And how is he now?"

"Only time can tell," Celeste said.

"And who are you?" Olwyn asked.

"I am the doctor on the ship."

Olwyn nodded. "I have been told that some of you went into Brook's territory. That is forbidden. If they come and ask for you we will have no choice but to hand you over."

"I see that your cowardice has not diminished these past few years," Hailie said. Celeste pulled her behind the Captain.

"Cowardice? No, Hailie. It is an agreement," Olwyn said.

"You may hand us over if you please, except for Hailie and Eli. Eli is a sick man and Hailie is a child. The rest of us will go if asked," the Captain said. The others didn't say anything but Hailie could tell they agreed with him. They weren't afraid of some man with a stupid name like Brook. This was one situation where she wouldn't bring up her actual age.

"And why shouldn't I hand over the girl who killed my daughter?" Olwyn said.

"Because I want to kill her myself," Keagan said.

Hailie didn't know if she should be grateful or not.

"There is no way Hailie would have killed someone without being provoked, and if that was not the case, then Hailie did not kill your daughter. It is as simple as that," the Captain said.

"And how would you know that? I have known Hailie for four years and I think her capable of killing someone out of spite," Olwyn said.

"And I have known Hailie from the moment she was born. Hailie did not kill your daughter."

Hailie could kiss the Captain. She couldn't remember the last time someone else had pleaded her innocence.

"I am not sure about the rest of you, but I know that Hailie's presence is bad for my people. I cannot allow her to stay here," Olwyn said.

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