First Contact

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City of Vale.

It's been a day had passed and the citizens in the city seemed have to calm down, however, in the halls of the Vale Council, 4 Council members gathered inside the small room and a single man stood beside the hologram with a remote.

"To the council members of Vale." he spoke as he turned on the hologram, showing a picture of the US Expeditionary Force. "It seems we're expecting another crisis, as you can see here, one of our spy drones caught a large group from some unknown organization, I believe."

"Hmmm.." One of the Council member stroke his beard and looked narrowly tot the picture hologram. "We do not know who these people are, but it seems we need to contact the Atlesian military for assistance."

The man shook his head. "I'm sorry sir, we were having a problem due to a maintenance in the CCT Tower in Beacon."

"Hmpf, fine, then we must send a message to Headmaster Ozpin." said the other council member. "It is urgent task that we must not risk for another crisis since the CCT Towers are down and we need to find out who those people are."

Beacon Academy.

"Hmm...I see." Ozpin looked to a holographic video message starting the Vale Councilors.

"Since the CCT Tower is down, this is one urgent task you must do, send one of your best Hunters or Hunters-in-training to keep an eye on them. We do not wish to risk another civil unrest when these unknown armed men from the east sets their eyes on our people, Dust knows what might happen.

Thus then, the video recorder ended while the hologram screen disappears.

"I understood now..." Ozpin then placed his mug on the table and then began to walk away from his office to meet one of the best Teams in his academy.

"I think I should send out Summer Rose and her team for this mission."

Eastern Region of Vale Kingdom.

In the deep forested region, a group of ten marines from the US Marine Corps Force Reconassiance strolled through the trees, they've been doing a deep silent recon mission around the area, one marine captain raised his hand to halt the group then clenches his fist and kneeled down, he notices eerie sounds of sticks cracking and bustling leaves which some sort that the wind isn't doing the thing but some sort of animal running around or some sentient being to be ever first encountered what it is, the marines stood still with their M16A2 Rifles or M4A1's pointing aimlessly against the trees and bushes.

"...Did you guys hear that?" whispered a lead marine, who have a rank of Gunnery Sergeant to another.

"Just eerie sounds, Sergeant." Whispered the other Marine. "I feel some shit's stalking around us sir."

"Wait.." He paused.

Loud leaf bustling can be heard, the Marines pointed their rifles towards the source of sound, what they suddenly encountered would lead the marines frowned in disbelief, a black wolf-like creature with the same height of a man, it had red glowing eyes, sharp claws and a bone mask protecting it's face, the Beowolf sniffs in the air and growled menacingly to a group of Marine's, the Grimm can sense the negative emotions emitting from the soldiers: Fear.

"What..the that?!" swore an African-American US Marine in surprise and disbelief while pointing his M240 Light Machine gun towards the Beowolf while touching the trigger. "Yo, don't tell me that we nigga's fighting that Werewolf or whatever that scary shitface is."

"Stay calm, maybe it'll leave us alone." Said the lead marine.

"Uhh, sir, seems like it doesn't look friendly." Said one of the marine, pointing out that the strange wolf began to to growl. "By the looks of it, that thing things sees us as food."

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