lunch time secrets and the truth revealed

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Going threw the day it was now lunch time as Sasuke and Naruto were just now going onto the lunch room "tell me Sasuke" Naruto says as he was even more curios than he was before "what ever dobe I'll tell you ok but you have to keep it a secret" Sasuke Says as he gets a tray.

Now sitting at the lunch table Sasukie and menma where just now joining.

"Know you gotta tell us" Naruto and menma says at the same time as Sasuke and sasukie looked at each other before sighing "ok fine we'll tell you" sasukie Says sighing "oking ago before ever meeting you guys we found or my brother found these kids but they weren't regular" sasukie Says cause he wanted to talk about the kits that they missed so much, "Sasuke had the cutest little name for one of them it was to cute" sasukie says while for Sasuke he just ate his food feeling embarrassed though he didn't show it.

"The kids looked similar to both of you" Sasuke says as he finally decided to talk "really you sure about that" menma asks curious.

"Ya the kid that I had was named menma he had his cute moments his hair was spiky but the color of it was a raven black like me and my twins hair color and just like yours" sasukie says "plus also he had three lines on both sides of his cheeks" he says again before looking at sasuke.

"The kid I had couldn't speak so well but was learning though and since I didn't know his name...........I just....gave him a nickname" Sasuke says looking down not speaking anymore "it's hard talking about him though" Sasuke says.

Sasukie had a slight smiled stealing his twins Wallet "and here's what he looks like isn't he cure" sasukie says smiling.

On the picture was a small boy holding a blanket around him as he was looked at the camera with a big goofy grin on his face but he was also into someone's arms as it apeared to be sasuke's as the two looked like they where taking a selfie.

"Wow it he does looks like you Naruto that's crazy what was the nickname" menma asks "kitten" Sasuke says softly.

"Yaknow know that Ya mention it me and menma have tones of pictures of when we were small" Naruto says as he looked at Sasuke who just now looked back at him "it's true really the people were were with looked just like you guys" menma says.

As time went by talking and eating the we're erupted by someone or people "hi Sasuke-kun" Sakura says smiling "hi sasukie" ino says smiling.

Naruto ended up jumping as he felt a slight fear of her "oh no not her again" Naruto whispered while for menma he felt a slight erge to growl at ino though he tried to hold back it was kinda hard to do so.

"Hey who are these two" ino and Sakura asks curios looking at the two menma was silent glaring at ino and Naruto was just shaking "uh Yaknow hey um Sasuke can't you uh show me where the bathroom is" Naruto asks getting up "what ever" Sasuke says also getting since the two were done anyways they dumped there trays before putting them away and leaving the cafeteria, Naruto sighed as he finally calmed down "what wrong with you" Sasuke asked looked at the blond beside him "I don't know that girl just terrifies me a lot she always hunts me in my dreams" Naruto says looking at Sasuke who just nodded "Ya kitten was afraid of her to since she kidnapped him and it took me forever just to find out that that pinky stole him" Sasuke says as he clinched his fist.

Naruto looked at Sasuke before going threw his bag that he had with him as he walked in front of Sasuke while walking backwards as he held up a picture in front of the Uchiha as he looked from the picture to the real thing then back at the picture "master" Naruto whispered to himself "hmm" Sasuke asked, looking at Naruto who wasn't paying attention.

"Hey do you have a Collection of pictures to" Naruto asked "Ya I do....." be cut off by the blond fox who smiling "awesome let's share picture I have a idea" Naruto says smiling before putting the picture away.

Naruto soon smelled a familiar sent once while walking backward as he sniffed around for a bit following the sent and since Sasuke wasn't paying attention he bumped into Naruto.

As the two looked at each other "uh what are you doing" Naruto asks "just thinking of why you stopped in front of me that's all" Sasuke says as he growled and backed up from Naruto.

<Time skip to the end of the day>

Sasuke and Sasukie finished packing up as they left school with Naruto and menma not wanting to run into Sakura and ino they left a different way instead of the entrance heading towards the back of the school. "Hey is it OK if you guys can come over or if we could come over" Naruto says crossing his arms "acutally......." Sasukie was cut of by menma who started speaking "you don't allow other to come over cause you don't want anyone else to find out" menma says, crossing his arms and Sasuke nods "we'll come over itachi doesn't come home until late a night anyway" Sasuke says.

Naruto and menma nods as they walked home with Sasuke and sasukie as they went there silently "wait Naruto what if there not who were looking for" menma asked quietly "don't worry i made a picture scan Sasuke defiantly fits the picture I have ad plus also I got a note that told me that Sasuke misses me so of corse it's him" Naruto says looking at his twin who node "fine of then what ever you say" menma says crossing his arms sighing.


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