A month later, I regained consciousness and energy. I saw the clinic was deserted; I removed my dextrose and climbed out of bed. I went to my room and change my clothes. I decided to look for my friends; wandering around the castle I caught a glimpse of Chris looking problematic. I was about to call him when he came bursting the great hall. I followed him and saw the people gathered around. I heard him hysterically shouting,

"Rossetti’s gone!!”I saw my father and the other guardian bolted up, shock was written in everyone’s faces.

Lian sobbed on Sydrian’s shoulders, Mion clench his jaws. The crowd began to cry with them. I was shock for their overreaction.

“What do you mean gone?” Lian asked still sobbing.

My father just looks at them emotions in control.

“Do you mean... dead?” Sydrian choked out the words.

With the word dead, my father flinched and started to look miserable. He brushed his hair in frustration.

“NO!” Chris reacted. Automatically the hall was silent. Hope shadowed on my father’s face.

“She’s literally gone! She’s not in her bed!”

“What?!” they exclaimed. I decided to end their agony. I walk slowly towards them.

“I’m here guys” I said wearing my white robe.

“White Lady!!!!” one of the elementary students shouted, pointing to me.

There was gasped in the crowd followed by cheers of delight. Chris headed for me grabbed me by the waist and kissed me in front of other people. I was surprised for a moment but responded whole heartedly. Again the great hall was silence once more and whispers filled the air.

          As we broke free from each other, I saw my friends beaming. I made my way to my father and we hugged tightly. He lifted me on the ground probably thought that I was not yet fully healed.

“You must not have gone out of bed, Ro” he gently reprimanded me.

“I’m okay dad, put me down you’re embarrassing me.”I said and began to put me down, Dr Olendzki came trashing the great hall and dragged me back to the clinic.

The assembly resumed. She finally decided to discharge me. I went to the canteen and found my friends there, well, as always. Chris alertly offered his sit; my friends served me as though I’m a queen.

“I’m fine, guys, don’t worry” I said.

I felt Chris clasped my hand from under the table I squeeze his hand in return. Soon, other royals and those the one I saved approached me. They apologize for all the mishaps and intrigues that they created about me and thank me for saving their lives. My ability on how I disintegrate the Strigois and how metals can hurt me quickly spread. I catch up with all my missed classes and assignment. A week later, I restore my title to be on top. 

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