Chapter 29

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     We wish a chorus of good mornings as the teacher enters and I suddenly realize Xavier is not in the class. He must be hanging out with his group. And anyways he is an A student in this class so skipping a few classes won't matter to him. I pay complete attention in the class so I can perform well in the mid term. I need at least a decent B to maintain my average. I sigh in content as the class gets over.

The rest of the day in school passes by quickly and I drive home as fast as I can. I need to have lunch and then leave for the hospital. I jog up to my room and grab my sling bag. I put in my novel, my pen case and a few history notes. If I find mom sleeping, I can read or study a bit. That depends on my mood. As I'm done putting my things together, I notice Xavier enter his room. I walk to my window open it. Luckily he notices me and walks to his window.

"Hey." I call out.

"Hey Sammy." He says with a smirk but I can see he is tired.

"You missed math today." I say and he smiles.

"More like you missed me in math today." He retorts with a smug smile.

"You wish West, you wish." I say nonchalantly.

"I do." He says with a serious expression and I stand still, waiting for him to laugh.

"And actually I skipped school today. Had some urgent work with mom." He doesn't laugh like I thought but continues.

"Ohh. All okay?"

"Yeah. Where are you headed?" He says eyeing my sling bag.

"To the hospital. Last few days until mom is taken to Texas." I say with a sad shrug.

"Taken to Texas? You mean for medical treatment?" He inquires and I nod.

"Yeah its dad's decision. One of his close friend's close friend is a doctor there who can handle mom's case better than here."

"So... are you going too?" He asks with what I would call anxiousness but I can't be sure. 

"No no no. I am not. For infinite reasons that only dad can come up with, I'm staying." I say wistfully.

"Oh okay. Can I come with you too, to the hospital?" He asks out  of the blue and I raise my eyebrows. Xavier does the same but in question, pushing his hands into his pocket.

"Okay. I'll see you down in 5." I say and he nods and walks away to his bathroom.

I don't eat lunch but instead grab a protein bar from the kitchen and move out. I wait near my car for Xavier to arrive. He arrives with only a light  brown leather jacket on his previous  white t-shirt and blue faded jeans outfit. We both get into the car and I start the engine.

"So whats with the sudden company to the hospital?" I question.

"I need to the see the woman who gave birth to the beautiful Samantha Collins." He says with a wink and I roll my eyes.

"You should learn to stop flirting Xavier." 

"And you Samantha, should learn to accept a compliment."

"Yeah only when the compliment should be genuine." I retort.

"What makes you think that I did not genuinely call you beautiful?" He questions and I try to think of a snarky response but my ever so lame brain doesn't come up with anything.

"I know you West." I fake glare him and he looks away with a smirk. I just shrug as we arrive at the hospital.

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