The Jedi's Fall

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  • Dedicated to Erica

That morning had started out like many of the other mornings at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The only thing different was that now Kloji, a padawan learner to Master Jaina, was already up and meditating in the room where she and her Master trained daily. When Kloji closed her eyes she saw a sight that just about terrified her. Kloji saw her fellow Jedi, peers and masters, falling to the ground, some being killed by a light saber, others being shot down by an invisible force. The only person she saw was the Chancellor's, his wicked laughter filling her ears. Her trance was broken when she heard an all too familiar voice breaking through the darkness.

"Kloji, why are you here so early? You're normally the last one Padawan here in the morning," Master Jaina said. When Kloji looked back at her, she let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding. Her Master looked back at her strangely. "Kloji, are you alright? You looked a little shaken to me. Did it have anything to do with something you saw while you were meditating?" Her Master said with concern in her voice.

"Well, yeah, I guess ... ." Kloji trailed off. She thought of her vision now even more. "It's just that I saw a lot of Jedi just, falling dead, some from being shot ... but they were also being killed by someone or something with a blue light saber," Kloji said, a frown now creasing her youthful face. Now that Kloji thought closely about it, she could have sworn that there was a hooded figure standing next to the laughing Palpatine. She then takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, trying to remember if she had seen the persons face. Just as she sees the Jedi's face, he bursts in through the door. The old Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker whisks out his light saber and strikes down Kloji's Master. Her last words to Kloji were, "May the Force be with you, my Padawan."


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