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Get excited! 


Come on, move. 

You can do it. 

Just one little.... tick. 

I stared hard at the clock, tuning out the blabbering teacher in front of me. 







The whole class erupted into cheers and whoops. Our senior year is over! Hello, summer! 

"Goodbye class, and have a nice summer!" The teacher called out to us as we raced out of the room. My grade had taken part of our graduation ceremony last night, and I had gotten accepted into Northeastern! It had always been my dream college. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't afford for me to go to Princeton. I hurriedly opened my locker, shoving what minimal stuff I had into my backpack. 


I screamed, jumping and clutching my heart. I wheeled around, about to mouth off my attacker, but I stopped. 

"Listen-Oh, it's just you." I softened and gave Alex a quick peck on the lips. 

That's right. 


After that night, we have had a couple dates, not many, but we're best friends now. I wouldn't put a name on us, we were just dating. I didn't want to be like one of those girls that instantly made any guy I went out my boyfriend. I took things slow. Plus, he didn't even ask me to be his girlfriend yet. 

We walked out of the school, hand in hand. Alex had gotten accepted into Stanford, on a soccer scholarship. I've seen him play a couple times, and he was good. 

Now, we had the whole summer to hang out! 


"Why is there no food?" I moaned, resting my head against the basically empty fridge. Alex gently nudged me to the side, opening the fridge. 

"There's so much food in here!" He exclaimed. 

"Is there anything that I can make in less than 5 minutes?" 

"Well, no, but-" 

"Then, there's no food," I rolled my eyes dramatically and collapsed on the couch. 

"How about I make you my famous grilled cheese sandwich?" Alex winked at me. 

"That sounds lovely." 

10 minutes later, I was munching happily on the sandwich. "How are you so good at this?" I moaned through the bite. 

"I'm better at something else too, babe," he winked, flashing me that cocky smirk. 

"Get over yourself," I scoffed, placing the empty plate on the ground. 

"I would prefer to get over you," Alex's grin grew wider and he placed his arms on either side of the couch. 

Blushing, I stumbled over my words. "In your dreams, Waters." 

"Oh, you will be," he kissed my nose, sending a million shivers down my back, yet I felt warm from the inside out. 

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