Chapter one. The start.

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Entering the ring as the judge called me in seemed terrifying. Even though there was only 30 or so people watching. I looked around and saw my Mum Lydia on her phone. "Why doesn't she ever watch!" I think to my self angrily, but no time for that. The bells already gone! I circle Pop Eye around once and push him into a nervous canter through the flags. 1-2-3-4 and we're over the first jump! 

Pop Eye seems to know people are watching him as he puts in a couple inches spare over the next spread. I look around to the next jump, and over we go! The 4th is a 2 stride double. Over the first and 1-2 up and over the 2nd! The fifth looms into view and my heart stops, its a pure white oxer with a white picket filler, the one Pop Eye loathes. I can feel him start to hesitate and throw his head about, putting my legs on we ride at it at a near gallop, a couple of strides out he slows right down but a tap on his shoulder is enough. We soar over it and I hear a tap. The crowd oohs and then cheers! We tapped it but not hard enough to take it down! The 6 and 7th are in sight and we take them at a hard canter to make up for the time lost at the white picket oxer and Barely make it over. The last one comes into view and as we are in mid flight I'm kicking him, riding like a real jockey to get through the flags at the fastest time. 

The crowd cheers and I trot out of the ring on Pop Eye and over to dad who is grinning and holding his phone. "Well done Mel! 1st place again!" He shoves the phone in my face and I look at the new leader board. Up there in first place is Me!!! "Yay!!!!!!! That's so cool!!!" I scream. Mum comes over looking irritated, "Keep the noise down Mel" She scolds, "People are looking at me!". I sigh and vault off Pop Eye, "I'm going collect my ribbon".

Even as I stand there on Pop Eye I have a warm wave of pride wash over me, I resist the urge to lean down and hug Pop Eyes dun coat in front of the cameras.

That's my first ever memory of my first show.

Now, I have so many I can't remember them all. Only the ribbons and trophy's on the shelf remind me.

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