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Groan. Groan. Groan.

It's a Monday. A particularly heinous day of the week, not to mention the first day of school. Now do you understand why I groaned? Why must the school system be so cruel? Why must there be a school system? "Are you groaning with me peaches?"

"More than you know Riley." I turn off my Kelsea Ballerini alarm and effectively put my memory foam pillow on top of my zombie like face. I haven't looked in a mirror yet, but it is almost certain that I look that way. I mean... it's a Monday morning. I know what you are probably thinking, she hates school so much she probably sucks at it. Quite the contrary, I'm very bright. However, if my father wasn't my teacher every year since seventh grade I probably wouldn't care as much. But last year I was third in our class. Behind two robots. I swear they are, they have yet to show me their birth certificates to prove otherwise, so technically in my mind I am top of my class.

"GIRLS GET UP!" My mother's not so melodic voice echoed throughout my bedroom as the sunlight began to break through my pillow barrier. How rude. Don't get me wrong my mother is amazing, a big ol' sweetheart and quite frankly one of the best people I know. Until she has to wake me up. I threw the comforter off of me in one fluid motion and let my feet touch the fluffy beige rug that covers my hardwood floors. I always hated the way the hardwood sent shivers up my body in the mornings, so I had to fix it. I'm top of my class for a reason. I crane my neck behind me and shove my best friend, Maya Hart off the bed.

I'm not mean, she would have fallen off on her own anyways, its a tradition. She gets tangled in the sheets, my poor peaches. I simply just beat her to the inevitable. "Did I fall off the bed?" She sleepily questions.

I giggle and stretch my arms out, "Yes peaches. You did, you take the guest bathroom to shower." Knowing she was going to protest I hurriedly shuffled into my bathroom and locked the door. Ugh, the tile is cold. If it was practical there would be a rug in here as well. I flipped the switch and let the light flood my in suite bathroom, I covered my eyes from the sudden invasion and rubbed the blurriness out of them. I did my business and flipped on the shower head, while waiting for the water to heat up I took a moment to glance in the mirror.

Yup, I look like a zombie.

However, I'm a senior this year. I glance at the picture in the corner of my bathroom mirror and cringed. I wasn't fat necessarily, but I wasn't healthy either I was slightly... husky. I could barely do a lap around the track without wanting to pass out. I had braces and this was the phase where I wore glasses because I thought they made me look smarter. Ugh, gross.

To answer your question, no I didn't need them.

Yes, I'm a nerd.

Either way this nerd who no longer wears glasses dropped her 'baby fat' as people so affectionately called it, got her braces removed and broke those hideous glasses in half. Why Maya ever let me out of my apartment looking like that, was beyond me. I put on my warm vanilla sugar body wash and let the warm water rinse off the bubbles that formed on my skin along with the Brazilian keratin shampoo and conditioner. I'm not super girly, but I do enjoy things that smell nice.

So sue me.

I can feel the warm water waking my tense muscles and effectively preparing me for my day. However the peacefulness was short lived when Maya storms inside. Wait a minute, "How did you get past the lock?"

She only giggles and waves me off, luckily this shower door has a pattern on it making it impossible to see anything. You can only see shapes and forms, "Never mind that. Get a fingerprint lock if you're so worried." Not a bad idea. "Anyways, you know Charlie Gardner right."

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