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"Want some coffee ?" I ask the beat up Nick Fury sitting in front of me.

"That would be nice, thank you." He says and put up a finger to his lips then holds up his phone which says S.H.I.E.L.D Compromised.

"So what did you do for your wife to kick you out ?" I ask him hinting at the fact that someone tried to murder him.
He holds up his phone Wait for Steve. He then leans over to start the old music record player Steve has in his apartment. I give him an irritated sigh and go into the kitchen to make some coffee and maybe to get some snacks.

I walk back into the living room and hand Fury his coffee then I sit across from him to rest for a few minutes until Steve gets here.

About an hour later after inspecting both Fury and I's injuries, I hear a window open and Instinctively reach over to my newly loaded gun.
I hear them pick up the shield and walk closer to me, I immediately turn the corner and point my gun a the person only to see Steve holding up his shield.

"Dammit you scared me." I whisper to him and I put up a finger to my lips to silence him then I motion him to follow me in to the living room.

"I'm sorry I had to do this. My wife kicked me out." Fury says and holds out his phone showing Steve the same message he showed me.

"I didn't know you had a wife." Steve says as he looks around before putting down his shield.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me." Fury simply answers.

"So who else knows about your wife ?" Steve asks making a 'you kidding me ' face.

"Just me and my friends." Fury answers looking at both of us.

I hear some hushed footsteps nearby but I can't exactly pinpoint the location it's coming from since Steve's squeaky player is still on and it keeps distracting me.

I hear the smooth sound of bullets being loaded and ready to be fired."GET DOWN!" I yell, but unfortunately I wasn't fast enough because Fury gets shot about three times and collapses infront of me.

"Fury! oh my god." I start panicking as I try to put pressure on his wounds, which is really hard because there's three freaking bullet holes in him.

"Come on, you're gonna be fine old man." I say and he grabs my hand slipping a USB drive into my palm. He looks at both Steve and I and says "Don't.Trust.Anyone."

"Captain Rogers. I'm Agent 13 from S.H.I.E.L.D's special service. I'm assigned to protect you." I hear a woman call out from the entrance right after she kicks the door open.

"On who's orders ?" Steve asks all defensive and suspicious.

"On his."
The woman simply says as she gets down to check Fury's pulse and pulls out a walki-talkie or whatever the hell they're called. I'm sorry, I'm still catching up with this new evolving technology.

"His pulse is getting weaker." I tell her once I listen closely to his heartbeat. Yeah, it's actually kind of disturbing to be able to hear heartbeats, well I don't actually hear the actual heart I only hear the vibrations of it, but I can use it as an advantage to tell when someone is lying.

"Do you have a 20 on the shooter ?" A man asks through the speaker.

"Tell them we're in pursuit." I tell the woman and both Steve and I jump out through the window after I catch a glimpse of a shining metal arm through the window.

Steve goes through the bulding across from us but I climb up to the roof as fast as possible.
Once I'm on the roof I run as fast as I can to catch up to the guy with the metal arm.

"Wait up." I call out but the guy just keeps on running. I kind of expected for him to stop and shoot at me, it's not stupid at all because if he stops then I can get a chance to catch up to him, so either he knew what I was trying to do or he just simply didn't care about me.

"It's not fair! You got a head start." I jump onto the other bulding exactly at the same time Steve jumps out of the window from the other bulding I just jumped from. These landings from building-to-building really hurt your knees after a while.

This is it, this is the last building, unless the guy plans on continuing this chase on the streets.

Steve throws his shield but the guy turns around and catches it with his metal arm. I look at him straight in the eye and we stare at eachother. The look in his eyes seem like he's going to regret what he's about to do.

Which he should because he throws the damn shield with a little too much force causing it to knock me off of the bulding. I hold the shield tightly to my left side so that it can atleast break my fall.

The metal-arm guy should really regret this because it hurts like hell when you fall off a bulding. It's like the impact pain shoots through all of your body, immobilizing you for a moment.

"Merly! Are you ok?" Steve yells as he climbs down the building's latter.

"I just fell off of a building. What do you think ?" I answer to him as I let out a few grunts from the pain radiating through my body.

"I think you should be checked my the medics." Steve then picks me up and takes me to ambulance that just arrived.

"Yeah, no shit. I think I broke my spine or something." I blink my eyes rapidly trying to get rid of a few dark spots. " I don't think the night should be this dark cause I can barely see your pale face Mr.America"

Steve raises an eyebrow as he inspects my head. "I think you hit your head a little too hard."

"He got away, didn't he." I groan out. "Yeah, we'll catch him. I promise." Steve says and places a small kiss on my forehead before the medics start putting all kinds of wires on me.

"I damn hope so."

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