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_plnmrcd tagged me. So here it is:

What you have to do is list your top ten bias and tag SIX people.

1. Jimin -BTS

2. Jhope -BTS

3. Jungkook -BTS

4. Woohyun -INFINITE

5. Taeyong -NCT U

6. Taehyung -BTS

7. Gdragon- BIGBANG

8. Vernon -SEVENTEEN

9. Jackson -GOT7

10. Taemin -SHINEE

I chose them randomly and put them in any order. Haha.

Between (2) and (7) who is most likely to be your bestfriend?

-So that's between Jhope and Gdragon, Hmm, i'll choose Jhope..because i think he's fun to be with, he's funny, charming, and his personality matches to me.

Between (5) and (10) who has the better voice?

-I think its Taeyong.

Between (1) and (8) who is the funniest?

-Park Jimin. Yeah, its Jimin. Jimoan. Jibooty. Yeah? Yes. Uh huh.

Between (9) and (10) who would you do a collab with?

-That's between Jackson and Taemin. Then, i choose Jackson.

Between (6) and (9) who would you date?

-Taehyung and Jackson? Date? Lol. If its a friendly date then, its Taehyung.

Between (4) and (8) who has better dancing?

-So that's between Woohyun and Vernon. Hmm, i don't know who's better in dancing because i don't really watch them dance. XD

Between (3) and (5) who's you most likely to marry?

-I'll choose Jungkook. :') W-wait! Marry..? *smirks* Why not? XD

Between (1) and (6) who would you most likely to nurse when they're sick?

-That's between Jimin and Taehyung, huh? Well, i'll choose Jimin. Because duh, its obvious that Jimin is my Bias. Lol.

Between (2) and (3) who has the best smile?

-Jhope and Jungkook. Shit, this is sooo hard! uhh, i think its..Jhope. Because when he smiles he's so cute and looks like horse. lol. Just kidding. Anyway, Jungkook is cute and adorable too when he smiles but i still preferred Jhope's.


I will tag six people so...


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