Chapter 1

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Sean O'pry as Roman Romero and Indiana Rose Evans as Danielle Rivers. Feel free to imagine any of these characters to your liking. Also a little heads up there will be no inner werewolf talk or whatever those people put when their character talks to their wolf? Yeah I don't do that so I apologize in advance. Lastly this story will be in third person pov since it's easier for me to write that way but every now and then I'll POSSIBLY add in someone's point of view depending where I'm at in the story. I hope you enjoy! Just a little side note I suggest you have a Spanish dictionary or google translator ready to go next to you.

- - - 

A dark grey 2005 Honda Civic slowly sped towards an empty road way down the small little town somewhere in Mexico. Beautiful green pine trees scattered everywhere as a petite young blonde drove towards her destination. Her denim blue eyes nervously scanned the area as she drove to a slow pace once arriving the small town.

"You got this Danielle. It's just a simple interview, you basically already have the job!" The young girl said trying to boost her confidence up a bit. With that being said, she got her nerves to settle down. Danielle turned into the almost empty parking lot, apart from the few cars that scattered around. She quickly parked in a space that was closest to the entrance of what seemed to be a private academy. Danielle quickly gathered her files of important information about herself and stumbled out of her car. Giving herself a few encouraging words she carefully walked towards the entrance of St. Maria's Private Academy.

Danielle reached out to open the door until a young man opened it for her allowing her to walk in first. She gave him a quick smile and a simple 'thank you' before  walking inside. Her eyes bugged out as she stared in awe. The front office of this private academy seemed way out of her expectations. Especially since this was a small town in Mexico. Danielle slowly made her way towards the front desk where a middle aged looking brunette woman typed with so much speed Danielle thought her fingers were going to fall off! 

Danielle cleared her throat to gain the woman's attention and slowly swayed on her heels careful not to fall due to wearing such high heels. The woman looked up from her glasses and smiled at Danielle. "Hello, may I help you?" The lady said in her thick Spanish accent giving Danielle her full attention. Danielle quickly nodded and gave her the letter she received in the mail about transferring to this academy.

 "Yes, I uh, have an appointment with Mr. Sanchez. I'm the new transfer teacher, Danielle Rivers, from Ohio." Danielle said in one go secretly congratulating herself for not stuttering. The front desk lady nodded lifting up a finger before grabbing the phone and pressing a single button. She waited till a voice on the other end picked up with a simple 'hello'. 

"Ms. Rivers is here for her interview. Shall I send her in?" A few more words were exchanged from the conversation before the lady hung up. She stood up and walked around the desk smiling at Danielle motioning for her to follow the woman. As they walked down a hallway Danielle took the time to check her files to make sure everything was there.

 "Mr. Sanchez is ready to see you through here. Would you like anything to drink?" Danielle looked up from the files and stared at the woman slightly confused not quite understanding her due to her thick accent. "Oh um no thank you?" it came out more than as a question than a statement making the woman's eyes lit up in amusement before nodding and walking away back to her duties. Danielle took a deep breath and wiggled her fingers. 

You got this Dani! Just smile and wav- no wait smile and nod. Yeah that's it smile and nod. Whatever you do don't fart! Danielle plastered on a smile before knocking on the door gently. A soft 'come in' was heard from the other side of the door. She opened the door and walked in but to her uttermost embarrassment she tripped over her heels letting out a small squeak before being able to regain her balance. As she looked up to see the small amount of amusement that flashed in Mr. Sanchez eyes, her whole face went red like a tomato. She quickly stood straight and coughed before fixing her dress skirt and holding her hand out towards the elder. 

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