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It is going to be posted little by little because I am editing the chapters, adding new things and correcting the errors. So it'll be a bit different than the version on Mibba, but not by much. It'll just had a few added sentences and things like that.

This story does feature both SCANDAL and Silent Siren, but the girls of Silent siren are being used more as supporting characters. You do not need to know anything about Silent Siren to understand this story as it is Alternate Universe (AU).

The story heavily focuses on mainly SCANDAL. This is a very Tomomi-centered fiction so you can expect a
 lot of Timo in this story. It wasn't supposed to be but, you know, the characters want what the characters want.

Sukeban: means "boss girl" or "delinquent girl" in Japanese. Often used to refer to the leader of an all-girl gang.

Senpai: A Japanese honorific. Mainly used by juniors in school to show respect for their seniors.
“You’re late again, Miss Ono.” The teacher let out a heavy sigh after his sentence. He didn’t know why he bothered with her anymore; the student never listened to him anyway. He found it sad actually. Haruna Ono was such a bright student, he knew she had potential deep down but she never applied herself. She’d rather just spend her life being a trouble maker. She was wasting her own potential.

“You’ll get over it,” Haruna retorted as she strutted past the teacher, holding her school bag over her shoulder. She didn’t care what he had to say, she didn’t care what anyone had to say. She walked briskly to her seat, throwing her bag down beside it and sitting with a huff. She blew softly at the brunette locks that fell into her face, stretching out her hand and beginning to gently tap on the school desk. Finally taking his eyes off his delinquent student, the teacher cleared his throat, making an attempt to continue his class.

“Alright, class. Now after that lovely interruption, let’s continue with today’s lesson.” Haruna laughed bitterly at the teacher’s tone. What a cheap shot for a teacher to take at a student. She couldn’t say she was surprised though, most of her teachers hated her. She wasn’t exactly a model student. But she couldn’t complain. She hated them just as equally. Everything worked itself out.

From the back of the classroom, a pair of curious brown eyes stared at the girl who had just walked in. Her long black hair fell over her face as her fingers drummed nervously on her desk as she continued to watch the tough girl. Today was the day. She would talk to that girl by the end of the day. She would have her answer. Most wouldn’t want to be considered a delinquent girl like Haruna. They were always seen as the scum of the school. But Tomomi longed to be a part of it. They showed so much courage, and the young student was tired of being the weak good girl. They could make Tomomi braver and stronger.

She wanted adventure. She wanted excitement. She wanted to do something bad for once in her life. And she knew Haruna’s gang could give her all of that.

Tomomi was ripped from her daydreams by the school bell ringing in her ears. Had she really spent the entire class in her dreams? It seemed like the class had gone by so fast. It wasn’t like Tomomi to not be paying attention in class. The young student shrugged it off, figuring she could just copy the notes from someone else. Picking up her school bag, Tomomi hurried out of the classroom, making sure to keep sight of Haruna. As she slinked down the hallway, following close behind the older girl, she noticed another familiar face. A smile came to Tomomi’s face as she thought of a new plan.

“This will be easier,” Tomomi thought to herself. “Hey, Suzuki!” Tomomi called out, jogging over to the younger girl. Rina turned around, cocking her head to the side as she saw her classmate run up to her.

“What do you need, Ogawa?” she asked, flashing her classmate a smile. Tomomi often wondered why Rina was in a gang, she always seemed so sweet and innocent. She seemed like she could make any friends she wanted and like she would go so far in life. Tomomi didn’t fully understand why Rina would have settled for a gang if she had so much potential for something so much better.

“I need a big favor.” Rina’s brows furrowed in confusion at Tomomi’s statement, but she turned around to completely face Tomomi, deciding to listen anyway. She didn’t understand why Tomomi would want a favor from her, they never even talked to each other. Tomomi drew in a sharp breath, exhaling shakily before continuing. “I need you to take me to see your boss.”

“What?!” The reaction was purely on instinct. No one had ever asked Rina to be their escort to the boss before. They’d always gone to another more dominant member of the gang. “But...... But why me?” Rina asked, a small stutter in her words. She wanted to act more confident, but she just couldn’t. Something held her back. Tomomi bit her lip. She couldn’t tell Rina it was because she was the easiest member to approach. That would make her look weak. It would make her seem like she wasn’t material for this.

“You’re the first one I saw,” Tomomi said, shrugging as she tried to play it cool. Rina gulped softly, nodding her head as she regained her composure. She didn’t know Tomomi that well and certainly didn’t see why Tomomi wanted to join them. She knew Tomomi had a good life. She was smart and had wealthy parents. She’d go far in life just because of that. She wasn’t like the rest of them. But who was Rina to judge the quality of her? That was Haruna’s job to decide who to let join and who not to join.

“Alright, I’ll take you to our spot. You can speak to senpai there. We’re meeting at five, so meet me outside the school gates at 4:30 sharp. I’ll leave without you if you’re late.” Tomomi was a bit taken back by the authoritative tone that Rina was now using. She had switched from shocked to this so quickly, it was unreal to her.

“I’ll be there,” Tomomi answer. Rina gave her classmate another smile before closing her locker.

“See you then!” She said cheerfully before jogging off, catching up to Haruna who stood leaning against the lockers, surrounded by her friends. Tomomi thought Rina was definitely something else, being able to change emotions so drastically like that. She was a strange one. Tomomi sighed softly, leaning herself against the lockers as she stared up at the ceiling, her thoughts beginning to race. She couldn’t turn back now. Now was her chance and it could be her only chance. She had to take it.

But still, she wondered if she was making the right choice.
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