{6}: Side B

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A few weeks later, I throw tossed my dirty clothes, pulling the string to close it, dragging it outside of my room in the hallway.

"Why did you wait so late in the week to do laundry?" Ray asks as I groan, irritated at myself for not bringing these over to my mom before she and my dad left for a short vacation.

"You coming to the party tonight?" Ray asks.

"Dude, you need to lay off the partying," I joke as I drag the second laundry bag in the hall, stopping to look at him.

He laughs as he adjusts the top button of his brightly colored loose T-shirt with some baggy light wash jeans.

"And why do you procrastinate in letting your mom do your laundry?" I shoot him a look putting the bags on my shoulder, heading down the hall.

"So how are and Mariana doing?" he asks, raising his eyebrows almost knocking one of the bags out of my hands.

Every time I thought about her she makes me smile. I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend, but didn't know how to. I didn't want to be cheesy.

"We're doing great...I mean she's doing great."

"Man, I don't think I've ever seen you this happy before in a long time." He looks at me from his spot from his open doorway.

"Neither am I," as I turn back to him, setting the bags near the front door. "She's an amazing girl. I mean she listens and actually cares what I have to say. She's kind of like Haley's Comet- beautiful and rare-that comes to Earth every 50 years. That's her; she's my Haley's Comet, man."

Ray looks at me his face softening, but putting back up his façade. He starts to say something, but doesn't as he slides on his jacket. "Maybe I'll be like you one day," as he puts his wallet in his back pocket. "But for now, I'm going to see what the other fish in the sea have to offer me."

With that statement he gives me a two finger salute, picking up a six pack of beer and walking out the door.

I laugh a bit as I follow him a few minutes later as I lock the door behind me, heading down the gravel that crunched under my feet. I follow the pathway down into a lit path that leads to a door that read 'Laundry Room'.

I open the aged storm door as it shuts behind me with the help of the wind of the spring. As I get deeper downstairs, I hear faint humming and as I walk closer to it I realize it's a woman's voice.

I stop at the bottom of the basement step, dropping my laundry bags at my feet right in front of me.

The humming is full on singing now a very familiar curly haired woman who was donned in a simple t-shirt and jeans that curves to her hips and signature Chucks.

She continued singing as she started dancing in between the washers, headphones on her ears not realizing someone was watching. She sings a high note, imitating an air guitar a wide smile on her face as she laughs to herself.

This is the most relaxed -with no walls up- I've seen her with the exceptions that we've on a date. She was cautious on giving me her heart. Watching her dance and sing around this room without her realizing it was an amazing sight to see.

She finally turns around, opening her eyes, stopping mid-turn. Her eyes widen, stopping mid-dance as she slides her headphones off her ears.

"Oh no, no, no," she moans, skirting behind the closet dryer. I push off the wall I'm leaning on, pulling my large laundry bags to the washing machine on the opposite side from her.

"Oh, yes, yes," laughing into my hand as she peeks back out and eventually lean on the washer, shaking her head in embarrassment.

"How much did you see of...me, uh dancing?" she asks as I try to figure out how to turn this thing on.

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