In Thought

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At lunch today, Eunice
makes me sit with her
and her friends
at their table.
Much like they had
when I'd first met them,
they immediately start
joking around with each other
and play-teasing
back and forth,
the same as my
older siblings do.
Eunice, who's sitting next to me,
keeps glancing over
and smiling questioningly,
as though silently wondering
if I'm enjoying the company
of her friends.

They seem nice, but
I'm not quite sure I am.
I can't help but feel
left out
of the group,
like they all have their
inside jokes
and sturdy relationships going,
and the fact that I
seem to be trying to
push my way into
what has already been established
doesn't sit right with me.

At one point,
I glance back towards
the table I had been
sitting at
before today,
only to find that
my former table mates
don't seem to miss me
at all.
In fact, there seem to be
even more people
than before
crammed at that little table.
I'm surprised they're not all
sitting in each other's laps
at this point.

One thought that
doesn't leave my mind
the entire lunch period -
and for some time after,
as well -
is that the blonde girl
Eunice had introduced me to
before, Natalia,
was not seated
with the rest of
Euni's friends.
In fact, I hadn't
seen her anywhere
in the cafeteria
at all during
the lunch period.
I end up asking my sister
about it
on our way home,
just after she informs me
that Thias is
once again
staying after school for
soccer-related duties.

Eunice says in response,
as if she's just
realized something.
"Talia isn't really...
part of our group, I guess.
I think it was last year
that she moved here,
and sort of fell in
with the 'in-crowd' -
you know what I mean?
She doesn't really act like it,
though, and is
pretty cool to hang with
when all the other
popular kids
aren't dragging her around
to who-knows-where..."

She kind of goes off
on a tangent there
about how Natalia had dated
a football quarterback
that Euni had liked -
and that's where I
tune out.
It's easier sometimes
to stop listening to my sister
about halfway through,
or else you'll forget
what your original question was
amid the torrents of
mindless babbling
that is sure to follow.
I love her, honest I do -
but above all else,
Eunice just really loves
to talk.

But she had,
in her roundabout kind of way,
answered my question.
I hadn't really imagined
that Natalia would be the type
to spend time with all those
preppy jocks and
vain cheerleaders
that make up our school's
so-called 'popular clique,'
but who am I to judge?
Maybe it's more possible
than I would give credit for.
After all, she does
have the looks for it -
long blonde hair,
a clear complexion,
beautiful green eyes...

Blinking, I
hurriedly snap myself
from that line of thought
with a perplexed frown,
just as my sister
butts in with:
"Oh! Did I mention
that her family has, like,
a ton of money, too?"

Well, that would
explain her popularity.
Money speaks louder
than anything these days -
or at least,
that's what Dad has
always said.
She could probably be
really ugly,
and people would still be
all over her
for that reason alone.

I've never really
envied millionaires
and people blessed with
a ton of wealth.
It must be
such a hassle
for them.
So many estranged family members
and random strangers
asking for their money...

We arrive home
before long,
and Eunice immediately
runs in to grab
Dad's car keys
off the hook in
the mudroom
to pick Eddie up from school.
Ever since she got
her license last year,
she's been wanting to drive
everywhere, even though
she doesn't yet have
her own vehicle.
She practically had to beg
Mom and Dad
to let her be the one
to pick Eddie up,
even though they
were in need of someone
to do it anyway,
since they don't get home
from work
until late.

Now is no different.
Calling back a
quick goodbye, she
jumps in Dad's Buick
and speeds away.
I'm left
sitting out on the porch
with my thoughts,
staring up at
the cloudless sky above
and asking myself
all the questions
that will never be answered.


I was writing the chapter after this earlier today, but then google docs on my phone crashed and won't open, and now when I try accessing it on my pc, I find that only the first five lines were saved. =3= Yeah. My day has been wonderful... Thanks technology.

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