1-Sleeping during summer

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During this time of the season, he's more concerned about keeping you cool. Therefore, he doesn't get much sleep at all because he's up all night fanning you without you noticing.


Like Itachi, he concerns himself with you. Sometimes you often woke up to a wet spot in the bed where he placed an ice pack on you and moved it before you noticed. He offers the next morning to take you swimming in a cool river or pond!


You and Hidan toss and turn during the summer. Both of you are messy sleepers so you're always laying on top of each other in various positions. You're just a pile of sweaty, drooling, lovers.


Sleeping during the summer with Kakuzu means spending most nights alone. When it gets hot enough, Kakuzu leaves to cool himself off. A lot of times you'll find him on the bathroom floor because of the cooled tiles. Weird old man


It didn't matter if you were hot enough to burst into flames because Deidara was NOT going to free you. He's an intense cuddler and demands all your attention while he sleeps. If you're lucky, you can escape and switch yourself out with a pillow instead.


Fairly hard to do this because he's a puppet, but he'd stay up all night examining the way you slept. In fact, during every season he had observed you. This season, summer, he watched you sweat as you slept.


Sleep? Who needs sleep when you're a hot Tobi?! When this time of the year rolls around, there's no chance of sleep for yourself. Tobi prefers to stay awake at night and sip on ice cold beverages. Even when the container is empty, he keeps going. Seriously Tobi?

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