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"So I'm guessing you guys want a ride, right? " I tell both Steve and Nat through my earpiece.

"I thought you weren't showing up." Steve says.
"I wasn't gonna let my bestfriend go on a mission alone." I tell him as I level the Quinjet next to the ship.
"Well you only provided transportation." Nat says as they both get in.
"Atleast you didn't jeopardize the mission." Steve mutters shooting a glare at Nat.
"Ok, but to be clear we had different missions." Nat says putting up her hands in her defense.

"So I'm gussing captain hook got away." As I look over the mission report file that Rumlow is currently making.

"Yes." Steve says glaring once again at Nat.
"And I understood that reference." He says smiling at me. I've been watching a lot of shows and movies lately, you know , so I can catch up on these past 70 years. "We should watch some movies together again, Stevie." I tell him.
"Maybe when we're not busy."He says as he cleans his shield.
"Yeah, since he's always busy ." Nat says, taking a seat behind me.

"Still with the dating thing." I look over at Nat giving her a 'seriously' look.

"Why are you guys so against dating ?" Nat shakes her head.
Neither one of us answers.Steve just rubs a thumb over the compass he always carries that has a picture of Peggy, and I absently rub the silver ring on my left hand.

Honeslty, Steve and I have a hard time getting through the fact that everyone we knew is gone. And he still hasn't moved on from Peggy, just like I've been having a hard time trying to move on from Bucky. I know it's been decades, but I was cryogenic most of the time.


"Hey, Peggy." I greet the woman infront of me. I had always looked up to Peggy after I met her, she didn't even know me but she stuck by my side to make sure I was treated properly when the doctors and scientists wanted to kill me for the Super Soldier serum since the last vial was smashed into my eyes while trying to stop Kruger and she also trained after the whole Super Soldier serum thing.

"Merly, my little bird." She croaks out while caressing my cheek. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out she was still alive.

"You're still as beautiful as ever." She smiles weakly.
"You kept your good looks aswell." I tell her as I look at the pictures she has on her nightstand.
"You have beautiful family, I guess your genes are strong." I tell her and she lets out a dry laugh.
"Yes indeed,my only regret is that you didn't get the one you wanted." She sighs.
"James would've been proud of you, you know." She says holding on to my hand. My heart practically breaks every time someone mentions Bucky. He was literally my first boyfriend, my first love, my first everything.We started dating when he was 19 and I was 18, not once did we ever break up.

Him and Steve were all I ever had.

I let out a small laugh.
"Yeah, well if we had found his body then he'd probably be rolling around his casket, if he knew how much danger I put myself in."

"But you do it to save the world, just like he did." She smiles.

So after a while of talking with Peggy and hearing about her adventures with Howard, I finally said goodbye after Fury sent me a text.

As soon as I leave the room my phone starts ringing.
"Did Fury tell you about the Helicarriers that can cause mass murder ?" Steve says, not giving me time to properly answer the phone.

I roll my eyes. "Yes, he showed me a few days ago, and before you get mad I'll let you know that I don't agree with his methods of stopping terrorism or any other type of crime." I tell him so he can leave me alone for a few minutes. He's just way too patriotic for me, and his morals are probably going to get him killed one day.

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