The Raven

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Name: Merly Ravenna Velasko

Aliases:The Raven, Agent V, The living legend,The Super Soldier.

DOB: August 13, 1918
Place of Birth: Unknown
Parents: (Biological)Unknown

· The Avengers
· S.H.I.E.L.D
· Howling Commandos ( former )

·Enhanced hearing (echoes,vibrations)
· Night vision
· Speed/Reflex
· Strength
·Accelerated Healing

Other Information:
Friends with Steven Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes since childhood. First and only female in the Howling Commandos. Found in the Arctic ice along with Rogers.


I don't own any MARVEL characters or their stories. I do own Raven's character and her story.

This is during the events of Captain America:The Winter Soldier and the story will continue all the way to Civil War (Which was AMAZING by the way)

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