Purity Is Only Temporary

''Everyone starts out pure, But some seem to be ruined, When they find their dark side. The taste of blood, The smell of fear, Mostly turn a person to evil. The Devil himself can't even comprehend, How a man can always do wrong, When he thinks he's doing right. Through all his faults, And all his ridicule, The man will always remain impure.''

Written by KaseyLee, a remarkable poet. Make sure to read her works such as ''Mixed Emotions and Murder of the Heart.


I return back home to my wife and kids at nine o'clock each night. They should be asleep by now, it's a school night. But something about this night was eerie. I can just feel it in the chill of the night. Passing through the unlocked gate, I grab the handle of the front door after walking on the short cobblestone path, no resistance of a locked door could be felt. Casually I open the front door, checking for anything that would be bumping in the night. Unfortunately my only welcome home is from a cold silence. Before I can turn on the living room lights, my neck is being constricted by some sort of wire, constricting my air flow, like a snake tightening it's body around my neck. Quickly placing my thumb under the wire before my attacker can dominate me completely was the only thing that saved me.

Hm... It feels like fiber wire. There haven't been many murders by strangulation for a while now in this area of the state.

Soon enough, I got myself out of the his grasp with a and restrained him with a blade I pull from a wooden block holding a set of kitchen knives. Pressing him against the wall, blade sharp, and firm against his throat. I tell him not to move if he wants to live. Easily, I reach for the light switch right above his shoulder. The light reveals a face that I recognize.

''Hello little brother.'' A voice says in a mellow tone.

Calmly, I release my grip and place the blade were it belongs. There's no need for it if there's no threat to be threaten by.

''Erick! I say in a overly loud whisper. What are you doing here? I thought the worst of you brother.'' I reply.

''How many times have I told you not to worry about me? You should be having your mind set for what's to come tonight.'' Erick mutters, grabbing an orange from a fruit basket on the kitchen table.

''Lucas, is that you?'' My wife says, her voice searching throughout the house, looking for a response; my answer back.

Turning my gaze toward the sound of Loren's voice, then back to Erick. He was gone by the time I looked back at him like a ghost in the chill of the night. Before my wife enters the living room area, I close the the door and fix any misplaced items and furniture back in there original spots the best I can.

''Hello, love. I just got back from a long day at work; papers stacked like the Statue of Liberty.'' I say responding to her call.

''Hey, honey.'' She says with a relaxed but unsure voice. ''Are you done for tonight?'' She asked of me.

''They need me to come back in about 20 minutes though. I need to organizes some files.'' I lie to her.

''Okay Lucas. In the meantime, I could use some company. Also, while you're here, what was all that noise? It sounded like a fight was about.'' Grace replies.

''It was nothing honey, I'll meet you in the bedroom shortly,'' I assure her.

She walks away lowering a strap of her nightdress. Walking slowly to make a sexual effect transmit in my head.

It's working.

I start to follow her half way before my cell phone stops me dead in my tracks. I weed it from my pocket and check what could it be at a time like this. It's a message, it's a message from Erick stating an address and time of the next assignment. I have just enough time for an extracurricular activity.

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