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Mark P.O.V   (Ashley)   *   (Mark)

"Carrie? Carrie! Where the hell did you put my phone?" Mark yelled down the stairs to where he knew his sister was sitting on the couch watching the TV like the potato she was.

He didn't have to wait long for a reply. "I didn't touch your goddamn phone! Stop blaming me just because you always loose your shit."

Mark heard the front door slam and the voice of his mother rang out. "Carrie! Watch your language." Followed by the unmistakable sound of his sister huffing, probably with her arms crossed and her lower lip sticking out like a toddler.

Chuckling quietly to himself Mark crept back into his room and practically turned the place over in search of the device. Eventually he found it, thrown carelessly underneath his bed, intermingled with dirty socks and small mountains of dust that had gathered over the years. Okay, so maybe Mark was a little prone to loosing his things, but that wasn't his fault! Seriously, he just sets the thing down and when he turns around it always magically disappears into thin air.

He was beginning to think their house was home to a ghost. Not quite the violent kind, just that really annoying type that enjoy stealing shit and putting it back in the most awkward places possible, know what I mean? No?


It wasn't long before the screen of his phone was alight and his fingers artfully danced across it as he checked his messages, surprised to see the notification glinting up at him. Perhaps Wade had got himself locked in the public bathrooms again or maybe Bob finally managed to find that game he'd been after for a while now.

However his theories proved to be incorrect. He didn't recognize the number at all but he still opened the messages, eyes bright with curiosity.

Hi Mark, it's Ashley here.

Mark blinked at the screen for a few seconds, the thought of Ashley even having his number was still mindblowing to him, but here she was, messaging him like they'd been friends for years. Wait, was she ready for their date? Already?! Should he reply? He should probably reply. That's how these things work, right?

Hey Ashley, Mark here. 

Even as he pressed send Mark was ready to slam his face into a wall. No shit it was Mark. He was such a socially awkward idiot sometimes.

Suddenly his phone buzzed again making him jump in surprise.

Lol. Just wanted 2 let u know. My 18th b'day's 2morrow & I'm holding a massive party. Wanna come?

Mark didn't even think before his fingers were flying across the keys in reply.

Yeah, sure. What's your address?

Was that creepy? He hoped he didn't sound creepy. The last thing he wanted was to scare his dream girl away while she was so close, closer than she'd ever been.

But it was only a few seconds before his phone buzzed again, bringing up the address and Ashley's last little comment of,

See you there ;)

A sense of pure giddiness washed over the half Korean and excitement took over his body, making him want to whoop in joy.

He couldn't believe how well things were going for him and to be honest, he never wanted it to end.


Mark should've known it wouldn't last.

The next day at school their math teacher decided a pop quiz was the best way to figure out who was actually studying. For Mark, who had spent most of the night before quietly having multiple fanboy attacks at the thought of being invited to Ashley's Graham's birthday party, couldn't even remember what they'd talked about in class yesterday nevermind what the hell this shit was.

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