Chapter 8 - To Kiss & Tell

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(*Author's Note: Depiction of Enzo above.)

"You know it's very impolite to kiss and tell." A velvet voice echoed from behind me. "And a mortal no less.." The words were clipped and precise, a formal chastisement.

A musical chuckle was plucked from Adrian's lip, now quite far from my own. "Aren't we full of observations, you should be lucky I graced your party instead of complaining about my social etiquette, Little Brother." Adrian growled softly.

"Mmm, well, if you had any perhaps I wouldn't have reason to complain, and besides, you failed to inform me you be accompanied by a +1, Adrian." The stranger's voice demanded an explanation.

At this, Adrian spun me around on my heels so fast the ball gown he had me laced into spun beautifully, the red material shimmering like a dark, angry silk sea.

"Ah, well, this is my new associate, Koraline. I imagine you will be seeing more of her if we don't talk shop soon." Adrian smirked viciously, his words a lovely threat but I was dazed and helpless.

Before me stood the only man I imagined could rival Adrian's aesthetic perfection, his wind swept hair shimmered with hues of gold that made my own locks pale in comparison and his gaze was a mesmerizing, shimmering emerald that contrasted to his sun-kissed skin perfectly - skin that was taut against his lithe, muscular frame in a way that left me breathless.

"I certainly hope so." He smiled sensually and it was as devastating as the days were long. "She is something, your new pet." He grinned, a devil-may-care grin that was not in the least affected by the icy glare Adrian was impaling him with.

"Hey!" I sputtered, unable to hold me tongue despite the effect this beautiful stranger held over me and, by the looks of it, everyone in his proximity, as admiring stares burnt into him from every angle. These gods really had some gall... Pet my ass! I'm a grown woman not a damn puppy. "I. Am. NOT. A. Pet!" I seethed at him in anger, giving him my signature I-mean-business glare.

"Oh, spirited. I like that in a woman and so sexy when you're angry. Truly lovely, this one." He winked at me and the cherry crept into my face, despite my loathing for the response.

"Tell you what, let me have her and I'll give you everything you're owed plus interest." He purred at Adrian, the ideal clearly exciting him as he reached out to tuck a loose lock of spiraling gold behind my ear, but before he could come close to making contact Adrian's hand snaked out like a viper and cuffed his wrist so tightly that his already pale knuckles shown a intense white, obviously taut and strained. Golden Boy's wince was barely audible.

"Like hell." Adrian spat. "And, Enzo," He warned evenly. " you know how I dislike people touching my things." Adrian voice was as deadly and venomous as his movements.

"That's a shame. I thought in the spirit of brotherhood, perhaps you would be willing to share." He mused.

"Not likely." Adrian spat, pulling me closely against him with his spare hand. "I actually think it's about time for Koraline to call it a night." He said and the words were final, without room for argument.

"That's too bad." Enzo grimaced and pulled his arm out of Adrian's grasp, although it was clear it took some effort on his part. The god gingerly looked over the fabric on the cuff of his suit, checking it closely for damage from the assault. "I suppose we'll have to discuss matters alone then, perhaps you would follow me to my study. I can arrange for an escort to take our dear Koraline here back to your humble abode." He smiled at me, his gaze slowly trailing up and down my frame. "It's a shame though, I would have took great pleasure in twirling you around the dance floor in such a lovely dress." He said and the words were just for me, the phrase like honey slowly dripping off his tongue, green eyes feline with mischief and dark deeds.

"Not tonight." Adrian interrupted. "Koraline is still getting used to our realm, she's had quite a long day. I'll see her home myself and I'll meet you here when I return." Adrian said, waving Enzo off in a way that he had clear disdain for as he turned abruptly and slunk away with graceful seduction. I couldn't help but notice that every girl, and even some of the men, within feet of him targeted him with lustful gazes.

"That's your brother?" I asked Adrian, stunned at the turn of events.

"Unfortunately," He said, "One of many." his words were full of distaste, and just like that his wispy travelers formed around us. They entwined us together tightly, slowly fading away with us in their vapors only to bring us back to the safety of the palace that almost felt like home, if just faintly, mere moments later.

When we regained our forms, Adrian still had me pressed firmly against him and when I opened my eyes, that I had grown accustom to shutting tightly each time we vaped to keep the contents in my stomach down, Adrian's pale blue eyes were burning into me, his expression soft but intense. The look caused something alien in me to unfurl deep in the core of my belly and I felt a strange tug deep down that set my veins on fire. 

I gasped, unable to contain the surprise I felt like so many times before.

"You are so beautiful, Koraline." Adrian cooed at me. "What am I going to do with you?" He inquired, smiling devilishly as he slowly backed me up against the bed piled with luxurious fabrics.

"Do with me?" I repeated dumbly.

"Indeed." He said and to my utter shock he grasped my thighs firmly, just below the plump swell of my behind, and his fingers felt molten even through the thick gown. Effortlessly he set me atop the bed so very high from the floor.

"Adrian..." His name trailed off my lips in a whisper and it was laced with shock, he was so abrasive. He truly did what he wished, anything he wanted.

"You may not be mine, Koraline." He purred, leaning into my ear so that the words and his cool breathe tickled my skin. "But you are no one else's either." He said and the words were urgent and firm. "Do you understand?" His words were harsh but something behind them was concealed. Had Enzo threatened him so much? Especially when Adrian and I had only shared a single kiss..

"I-I.." I choked on the sentence, not sure what to say, a rare reaction even for myself.

"Yes, Adrian, I understand." He mimicked the words he wanted to hear. "The words are so simple, Koraline. Now, let me hear them come off your sweet lips." He breathed again, only this time he traveled far down my length, slowly hiking the satin fringe of my gown up my calf and to my thighs, letting the fabric hang just enough to cover my panties.

Gingerly he worked on me, unlacing the high heels that had been killing my feet with adept precision... although the pain I felt along from the beautiful heels was the absolute farthest thing from my mind..

"I understand." I said and my voice was all breathe.

"Good girl, Koraline." He praised me and something in my chest caught fire. My heart burned with desire unrivaled by any feeling I had ever felt before.

Adrian's hands found my hips and expertly he lifted me off the bed and turned me so that his cool breathe was on the back of my neck, my hands fumbled and found the fur blanket that were now in front of me and I bunched them up in my palms, bracing myself as he gently set my now bare feet on the floor. His lithe frame pressed against me from behind as he pulled me against him tightly, I could feel every inch of his hard form trailing up the back of my body, the presence making my cheeks flush a velvet cherry.

"Lucille will be here momentarily to unlace you from your corset and help you into your night gown." He said, and his voice was restrained as his elegant fingers slowly trailed up my neck, lifting my chin back so my gaze came up to meet his own. "I will see you in and out of this dress soon, Koraline." He purred and his lips softly pressed against mine with agonizing slowness and in that moment I had never wanted anything more than for him to peel me out of the costume himself, right then and there. I inwardly chastised myself, when did I become this slutty? I berated myself harshly.

"Goodnight, Princess." He said and just like that he was gone. I ached at the loss of his firm body pressed against me, longed for the missing feel of his cool breathe against my skin, along with the softness of kiss.

Once again he left me to feel only the familiar ache  that was sprung from his absence.

What is he doing to me?! 

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