Chapter 18: Love is Strong

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Judy's P.O.V.

The phone wrong for a few moments and Mom and Dad finally answered. "Hey, Jude the Dude! Any news on your sister?" Dad asked hopefully, with Mom standing beside him, just as hopeful. Juniper poked her head into the camera's view and my Mom and Dad's eyes widened and their ears shot up with relief. "Oh, JuneBug, we're so happy your safe!" Mom cried into Dad's shoulder. He nodded, patting Mom gently. "So I was wondering if," I began but was cut off. "If I can stay with Judy before I come back home! Please?!" Juniper begged, bouncing up and down. I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Oh, well umm sure sweetie. As long as it's alright with you Judy." Dad said. I nodded and Juniper jumped around with joy in the cruiser. We said our goodbyes and hung up. "Are we gonna go see Nick now?" Juniper asked quickly. "Yeah, I hope he's doing better." I said softly. Juniper's smile faded and she looked down and nodded. We drove of to the hospital. "Hey, who's address is that?" Juniper asked as her eyebrows furrowed. "Can you read out loud, I'm driving." I replied calmly. "1955 Cypress Grove Lane." She read aloud. "Oh that's Nick's address.

Author's Note: It's Nick's actual address according to the movie!! Alright back to the story!

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Author's Note: It's Nick's actual address according to the movie!! Alright back to the story!

Juniper studied the address more, then set it back on the dashboard. We arrived at the hospital in te minutes. Juniper and I hopped out of the cruiser and rushed inside. "Excuse but, is Nicholas Piberus Wilde available for visitors?" I asked sweetly towards the young lady elk at the front desk. She smiled sweetly back and clacked onto her keyboard and responded, "Yes he is! Just sign in here and he's in room 202, down on the left." She replied nicely. "Thank you!" I replied and signed in for me and Juniper. I held Juniper's paw and walked to room 202. I knocked the opened door gently to let Nick know that he wasn't alone. We walked in and Nick's ears perked up from the noise. "Carrots! Juniper! How are ya guys?" Nick chirped, his tail swished his tail from side to side with joy. "We're fine, the more important question is, are you feeling any better?" I asked concerned. Nick seemed to brush the question off and laughed and replied, "Pfft, never better, Carrots! Nothing a few nights of rest, can't fix." He stated with his sly smirk. He's either lying to me, playing of this serious situation with jokes, or actually alright. My gut was telling me he wasn't alright. I walked slowly to him, his smirk faded from each step I took towards him. "Nick. Are you, lying to me?" I asked softly, my paw holding onto his paw, he flinched at my touch. "There's no fooling you Judy." He sighed. Juniper had hopped onto the end of the bed and sat, listening closely. "To be honest, my lower hip and stomach feel like it's on fire and my neck still hurts." He said as he looked down at his free paw. I sighed and looked at with sorrow, upset that he was in so much pain, Juniper looked at me, sad and crawled towards Nick, holding his other paw. Nick looked up and smiled softly. "But don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'm still live aren't I?" Nick joked as he puffed his chest out, he was shirtless except for bandages wrapped around his waist, tried blood stained the with cotton fabric. I lifted his arm, further inspecting his bandages. He blushed a bit. I realized that I was staring at his bare chest as well and blushed, and let go of his arm. Out of no where, Juniper bursts out laughing, rolling on her back, clenching her stomach and flailing her legs with amusement. Nick and I jumped, startled by her sudden outburst. "I'm s.sorry but you two are so adorable!" She said wiping her tears of laughter away. Juniper hopped off the bed and began to leave. "I'm gonna go find the bathroom, be right back." Juniper said and left. There was a long, awkward silence. I had sat on the edge of the bed, next to Nick. Nick grabbed me gently and placed me on his lap and hugged me. I turned around on his lap and hugged him back. "I was so scared. I thought you were going to die." I choked out. "I'd never leave you, Carrots. Never." He whispered. He pulled me softly away and looked me in the eyes, which was streaming with tears. Nick pulled me forward and planted a kiss on my lips. My ears went up with surprise, and I felt myself melt in the kiss. Little did I know, Juniper was leaning against the door, smiling at us. 'They're perfect for each other! I definitely see a future for my big sis.' Juniper thought to herself.

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