Uncle Poo

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"Anirahhhh....whea you at babygirl?"

I could hear her laughing in the kitchen. She must be hiding in the cabinets again.

"Hmmm....I wonda where she went...."
I snatched the cabinet door open and grabbed her before she could get away. She squealed and kicked as I tickled her ribs.

"Ohhh ohh so you thought you was gone hide huh? You can't hide from the master hide and seek player girl."

"Put me downnn Unky Poo." she squirmed until I let her go.

Anirah was like my own child. We tried to get her to call me Uncle Lu but it just came out as Unky Poo. I didn't care what she called me as long as she loved me.

"We got all day togetha nugget. What you wanna do?"

"Well...we can go eat. And goto the park. And go shoppin. And ice cream and...."

"Woah woah woah slow down girl damn. We'll start with getting something to eat. Go wash ya face and stuff and I'll get ya clothes."

"Oh oh oh can you do my hair Unky Poo? Pleaseeeee?"

"Yea I gotchu go get cleaned up."

I went to get her cloths out. I looked in her little panties and saw red marks. "What the fuck is this?"

I didn't know what was going on with my baby but I'll find out. I gave her a towel and helped her put on her cloths. She was getting so big now that I really just handed them to her and she did it by herself. She sat on the autobahn while I did her hair. We watched Adventure Time.

"Arigh Nugget I'm done. I'll be back then we can go."
"Arigh?? Girl whea you learn to talk like that?"

I laughed to myself. I guess the kid had been watching me a little to much. I kneeled down my the autobahn. "Don't be like me babygirl okay. Be better then me. Unky Poo wants you to grow up and be the shit okay?"

She wrapped her tiny arms around my neck. This was the only love I needed in my life.

We headed to Chick-fil-a to get our food. It was so nice out we decided to eat outside. We sat with our food and ate.

"So how you likin' schoo nugget?"
"Ion know. It's okay I guess." she looked sad.

"Why you guess?"
"The kids say I look scary. They call me names and hit me and stuff."

I nodded my head. I knew from the day Anirah was born that she would catch hell about her eyes. One was bright blue and the other dark brown. She was truly half her mom and half dad.

"Look here. Don't worry about what they say okay. You know why?"

She shook her head while stuffing her mouth with waffle fries.

"Because you the shit babygirl. You not funny lookin' or none of that. You different and bein different makes you special. Other little kids want to be special to but they not. So they get mad at you. And they hate on you. But you gota remember you poppin and you da shit."

"I'm the shit?"
"Right. You the shit."

Her momma would be mad at me later but that's okay. I just wanted her to feel better.

"Now as far as them puttin they hands on you, dont do that. You know how to fight cause I taught you how. We fight all the time. Don't let nobody bitch you okay? Uncle Poo aint teachin you to be a punk you got it?"

"Yes sir."
"Good come on let's go shoppin."

On the way to the mall Anirah looked at me and said. "Unky Poo can you fight my daddy?"

My eyebrows furrowed. "Fight yo daddy for what? What he do?"

She started messing with her thumbs.
We pulled up to the mall and I got out and went to the back to unbuckle her.

"Anirah Lashae' tell me what happened or WE gone fight." I said in a stern voice.

She looked at me with so much fear it crushed my soul. "Daddy touches me."

"Touches you how? Where Anirah?"
She pointed between her legs. "There and my booty." she started crying.

I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. She was only 5 years old. I was seething at this point but I had to stay calm and calm her down.
"It's okay Nugget. He not gone do it no more okay. I promise you that."

She wiped her tears "Can you make him go away please."

Man. My babygirl was asking me to pull a job for her. I couldn't believe it. I know she's growing up but nothing could have prepared me for this moment at all. She had the makings of a savage that's for sure.

"Is that what you want? For Daddy to go away foreva? Cause he can't come back baby once he's gone. He gone for good."

She thought for a second and nodded her head. "I don't want him to touch me anymore."
My heart was tearing apart inside. Sick bastard.
"Arigh Nugget. I'll take care of it Okay."

"Thank you Unky Poo." she grabbed me into a hug. I pulled her out of the car as we went to the mall.

"Hey Unky Poo could you be my new daddy?" she stared up at me.

Oh lord. She's trying to kill me.
"Nah Nugget we'll stick with Unky Poo right now.

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