The Trap

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((2 shot in the mm))

I pulled up to the house on the end of Elm street. This is where we conducted our business. We didn't like to call it a trap cause usually in a traphouse you see crackheads and hoe etc. We keep our shit clean and neat to avoid any attention but inside is where the work begins.

There's a sorting room where everybody brings bagged product to get distributed and sold. We keep the drugs spread out over different houses so if we get hit we won't lose everything. The money room where the cash is counted and handed out. And my personal favorite the armory in the basement.

My big brother had taken what our father built and made it a entity. Something to be proud of. The way he ran shit was seamless. And nobody crossed 2shot. Not once. It was all love and loyalty around here.

I went to his office in the very back. He was in there standing at the mirror.

"Wassgud bro bro."

"You late Heartless...."

"I know man my ti...."

"I don't care. What have I told you about timelines? You act like I aint taught you nothin'."

I looked at my feet as he walked over to me. I knew he was upset.
"Look man. You need to get ya shit together. I need you to stay focused. Keep it neat nigga."

"I got you man. I'll tighten up."

"Good. Now I need you to handle somethin fa me."

I looked at him as he went to sit in the chair. I sat in the one opposite the desk. "Have you been smokin' today?"

"Nah man you know I stay clear on field days. Why you askin?"

"My man. I need you to handle this lil mark ass nigga thats runnin his mouth too much. Tellin unknown people where he's gettin his fix in. Handle it. Okay?"

"Just tell me where."
He gave me the where abouts of where the guy would be and sent me on my way. As I walked out Nico was coming out of the sorting room.
"Aye Nico you wanna roll with me?"
"Yeah man whats up?"
"Just cleanin up. You strait?"

He put his hand on his pistol on his belt loop. "Yeah man I'm good lets go."

We pulled up to the liquor store where the guy would be. I knew this dude. He always gets his shit from Nico or me. When we pulled up he was runnin his mouth again.

"Yeahh man they shit is wild. Get you goin for a looonnggg time yea sir."

Nico and I put on our half masks and sped up on him. Nico grabbed him and put him in the backseat and I sped off.


Nico pointed the gun at him. "Sit back and shut the fuck up." He did just that.
We pulled up to a unknown area. Nico pulled the man out of the car and sat him on the grown. I got out and kneeled down by him on my feet.

I look him strait in the eyes. He was terrified.

"So I heard you been talkin a lil to much Jerome. Whats goin on dawg? I thought we was coo? We give you what you need and vice versa."

"Yyyeah man w-we we are coo. I dont buy from nobody else I swear."

I got up and walked away from him. "That aint the problem Jerome. The problem is you runnin ya mouth to much. You becomin a stray. You know what we do to strays?"

The calmness in my voice probably made him nervous. All he could do was shake his head.

I pulled my pistol out and put it against his temple.

"We cut them off." I pulled the trigger.
Jerome's body laid there lifeless. Nico grabbed the acid and carefully poured in on him. We watched as his body became unnoticeable.

Times like these made me feel out of touch with life. Why was I like this? This man is dead right in front of me and I don't feel a god damn thing. I don't know. Maybe I am crazy. But it don't matter the job is done.

We hopped in the truck and drove off.

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