She blew harder on the flute this time, her ears rang and repeated it in her head. Parcival jerked up flail his arms and fell off the marble slab. She blushed at the curses he threw that were far more suggestive then anything she'd heard before, that was saying something considering her age.

He popped up his eyes wide and whipped his head back and forth. The winds blew his hair into his mouth.

"Merryn? Where's Kar? Are you alright?" He patted his body searching for something.

Maxwell came from behind where Unnamed—Nathanael sat—his name, have heard it mentioned, but where?

He took out a small wooden box carved with runes. She started to walk over to him, as she did he opened it and pointed it at Nathanael.

"What do you think you are doing servant?"

He stood and moved his fingers at Maxwell. This did of little good as his fingers became longer then than any finger rightfully should, stretching and curving towards the box. His whole body bent and twisted towards it.

"Betrayer! Worthless betrayer, you will die in pain!" Nathanael yelled. He screeched as the box pulled him in. He dug his heels into the ground. His eyes flashed a dead-end white, he looked straight at her.

He couldn't be that weakened ... expecting me to save your butt? The gods arms became thinner yet and his fingers disappeared into the box.

Kar looked at her with a pleading in his face she'd never seen before. Have I been wrong all this time? There wasn't any more time to to think.

She ran at Maxwell and punched him in the stomach. Maxwell groaned, but still held the box. He shifted it to one hand and then backhanded her she flew over the hill and landed into a snowbank over a hundred feet away.

Her vision doubled. She rocked from side to side and rolled out of the frigid snow, much was wedged in the armor and ran cold down her back. She shivered and tried to stand up, the winds snatched what little warmth there was left and she fell unable to even bend her fingers.

Parcival shouted something but what it was carried away by the the howling wind. He started limping towards her and headed down the hill.

Max well straightened his back and arched the tree dagger at Unnamed—

"Maxwell, don't!" He paid no attention.

She began to whisper to the spirit of Kage, but stopped. That's right no magic.

How can I do anything? In one a hand the last dagger, in the other Parcival's flute. She didn't remember holding them. She put the flute into a sheath and tied it secure. 

She ran at full tilt back towards the hill shouting at Kar and Parcival while waving her arms over her head and pointed at Nathanael. Parcival stopped, turned around and then back towards her again and shrugged.

"Help Unnamed!" She yelled and tried to will her voice to go over the winds.

He stopped, and limped back up.

Halfway to the hill, Kar tossed his staff over his head where it floated. The dragon claw opened revealing a water ball floating mid center, it separated and zipped towards Maxwell's head. Each time Kar raised his arms another water ball appeared and joined the others, until there ten total.

They were all crazy, everything was wrong. She bent over and caught her breath, the cold cut away at her energy, it was so hard to move now.

The box continued to drag Nathanael in, his hands and wrists disappeared into it. His shoulders  were arched way back and he had his legs spread apart. He must have kicked at the ground as now his heels were in deep depressions in the earth. He held his ground and managed to straighten some. Three dark dots appeared on his forehead, even with the wind the legion of voices rose above it.

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