J and The Secret

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" J " Chapter 1

Change happens everyday all around us. In nature, leave changes color and fall while in humans we grow and mature. My life changed a year ago and ever since then I have become a person who keeps her guard at all times because of my secret. It was a year ago in April.


Melanie POV

I woke up to the piercing sound of my ring tone. My eyelids felt like sandbags as I opened them searching my side table and bed for the Ashanti ring tone.

"Hello" I say drowsily.

"Jake is dead!" says a voice in deep pain that I know to be my brother, Adam. I am immediately knocked into consciousness and wake up from my lethargic state. My room suddenly filled with images of my brother paintballing with Jake, Jake coaching my friends and me in football and then Jake at the dinner table with my family laughing and eating to jokes and stories. Jake Fisher, my brother's best friend and one of my closest friends died? How? He was so young only 22, a year older than me. All these questions fill my mind that is in its own emotional state that shut down still unable to grasp the news.

"Don't tell Tessa!" my brother says breaking me out of my reverie and shocked state.

I hang up the phone and run into the shower putting it on full blast and scalding hot. I let the water wash all over me enveloping me and covering every inch of my body. I close my eyes and clear my mind hearing only the sound of the water crashing at my feet. I get dressed throwing on jeans and an old concert t shirt I usually only wear to bed. I grab my keys, race down stairs and jump into my red corolla sport and head to Malibu. On the freeway I blast my radio and let the windows down. Feeling the sun heating my driving arm as the wind blows my hair all over the place.

When I get to Sana's house, I pull her outside so I could collect my thoughts with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the smell of sea salt in the air. I look at her questioning face as she stares at me trying to figure out why I am acting all weird. I take a deep breath and say, "Jake Fisher is dead."

Hey eyes widen and she doesn't move. I grab her hand to comfort her and pull her to me so I can embrace her but she is still as a statue with eyes wide and unblinking.

"Sana... Sana.. Sana!"

She snaps out of her hypnotized state and grabs my hand pulling me inside her house and straight to her parents in the kitchen.

"Mom..." she pauses, her voice cracking and breaking. Her mom looks up at us, worry and confusion in her features.

"Jake Fisher died" she chokes out. Her dad puts down his newspaper on the kitchen table and looks up at us speechless as her mom circles around the island with her arms spread and wide. Before I knew it, I was wrapped up tightly in loving arms with my best friend and her mother. It felt nice and in that brief moment, I felt like everything would be ok. I felt the love and comfort I longed for since I got the call. But as soon as she let go, I felt a weight on my limbs making it hard to move. Sana and I looked up at her mom as she started to cry and Sana's dad went to console her and took her to the living room. Sana and I grabbed each other's hands and ran out the front door reading each others minds at the same time that we should and need to get out of the house.

We got into my car and headed to downtown. We didn't speak throughout the ride as the music filled the car with screaming and drumming beats. We stopped at Baja Fresh and went inside, ordered then got our food and sat down at a small table outside with a view of the street and people walking around. I watched the people pass by me. Families smiling and strolling in and out of the small boutiques. A teenage boy and girl holding hands and eating ice cream together. A mother and daughter both holding shopping bags smiling as they walk to their car. A father and son in football gear holding a football getting ready to play. All of these people seeing to blur on by as I watch them and slowly eat.

I look down at my food and see my fish tacos in a mess. Lettuce and tomatoes everywhere as if I picked pieces out of it and moved it to other places making it a big green and red fishy mess. I look at Sana to see if she's doing any better than I am only to see her staring at me with a sympathetic expression on her face.

"Are you ok?" she asks, staring into my eyes reading my emotions that are so clearly evident.

"Yeah.. Just shocked and sad. I can't believe it you know. I feel like we were just in the field yesterday when he was trying to teach us how to throw and effectively and tackle. I just don't understand what happened. It doesn't make any sense!" I scream out at her my hands shaking and the table vibrating.

"Calm down. It's ok. We have each other and should do everything we can to help. What about Tessa? Have you heard from her? I know she's in London for study abroad."

I look at her and whisper, "No" and then turn my head to the ground. Ashamed I haven't called Tessa yet to comfort her and be there for my other best friend. Tessa was the third girl in our group of friends consisting of Sana, Jake, Devin, my brother and me. Tessa was also Jake Fisher's girlfriend. I swirled my food around my plate and then started stabbing the fish where the heart would be wishing it was me.



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