The Grind

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I woke up to the sun shining in my apartment window. I stretched an sat up. Looked at my phone it was 11a.m.

Today was baggin' day and I was already behind. Everything should have been bagged up and ready to go.
I dragged myself into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

After my shower I threw some sweats on and headed downstairs. I didn't bother doing anything to my hair but wash it.

My roommate was sitting at the counter eatin cereal baggin up the weed. He had the easy job.

"Mornin' pretty boy I see you finally decided to wake ya ass up."

"Man Nico miss we with the bullshit today okay. You didn't wake my ass up now did you...huh?...oh arigh."

He rolled his eyes at me.
"Whateva man hurry up and get them grams rollin so we can push this shit out."

I sucked my teeth and grabbed a bowl of frosted flakes. I went to the hall closet to get the brick, the scale and the bags.

*Sigh* "This shit bout to be boring as fuck dawg." I sat everything down on our dining table and got to work.

"It ain't gotta be fun nigga it's just gotta get done. And what the fuck is up with yo hair today man? Get yo shit together pretty boy." he laughed and walked out the room.
I guess he was finished.

I put my hand in my hair. Damn. He was right my shit was wild as fuck. Guess I'll text Deanna and see if she do it for me.

BestFran: Aye nigga wya?

💖less: why you needa know??

Ughh she was always so fuckin difficult.

BestFran: Come do my hair fa me while I bag up

💖less: Is there a please? Damn nigga.

BestFran: Come on bestie you gone help me out or not. I'll throw some change ya way 😏😏😏

💖less: Money? Say no more I'll be there.

I knew that would get her ass over here. Me and Deanna had been best friends since gradeschool. She was like a big sister. And if anybody fucked with her I'd be on they asses quick. We used to fuck around but decided it was just weird. Now she got a man and a baby and everything.

I was shavin the brick down when the key turned. Deanna came in with a backpack. "Good mornin' ugly."

"Wassgud baldy

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"Wassgud baldy." she came over and smacked my shoulder. "I'm bald cause I choose to be. What's yo excuse lil nigga?" she started taking combs and creams and shit out of her bag.

"Nigga WHET? Don't you see all this hair girl? Nahh boo boo you go me fucked up." I said in my ratchet girl voice. She laughed "Boy you stay crazy." she started doing my hair.

"So what you breakin up?"
"None of yo damn buisness."
"Boy. You sure do live up to yo name cause you rude as fuck."
"Always have been. Always will be. Where's Nugget at?"

Anirah was my niece but she was more like a daughter I never would have. And I spoiled her something heavy. She had everything she wanted and needed all from Uncle Poo.

"With her daddy. It was bring ya child to work day or something so she skipped school and went with him."

She started on a braid. "Got DAMN D!! You ain't gotta dig ya elbows and shit in my scalp."

I winced at the pain. "Shut up pussyboy we go through this everytime you get ya hair braided. Sheesh you done got shot and stabbed but THIS is what you wanna complain about. Shut up and take it."

She was right but the shit still hurt. D was heavy handed like a muthafucka. But I had to finish what I was doing.

She got done right when I was finishing up the last bag. She reached over my shoulder and stuck her finger in the residue and licked it.

"Aye dawg. Chill out with all that. You been doin good. I'll kick ya ass if I have to."

"Oh shut up it was just a lil taste. Honestly it don't taste the same anymore."

"It's not the taste that you want ma. It's the feelin. Now cut that shit out."

She shrugged and got her bag. I went to look in the mirror. Ya boy was fresh as fuck.

"Yeahhh I'm gettin some head from somebody today

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"Yeahhh I'm gettin some head from somebody today." I was feelin' myself hard. I reached in my pocket and handed her a hundred dollar bill off my change stack.

"Oh and here." I handed her 200 more "Get my baby something nice too."

"Yeah like you don't spoil her enough." she rolled her eyes and put the money in her bra. "Thats what uncles are for."

"Mhm you wanna watch her tonight? So me and daddy can get our freak on?"

I scrunched my face at the humping motion she made.

"Nah I'm in the field tonight. But I'll get her tomorrow morning and keep her all day."

"Ok coo. Well I'll see you lata hun. Got shit to do. Money to make."

"Thanks again D." I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Deanna would always be my number one rider. I had her back and she had mine.

I closed the door behind her and got ready to leave out. Put on a hoodie, grabbed the work and grabbed my pistol. I tucked it and went to my brothers office.

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