Chapter 18 √

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Chapter 18


Glitter was on the grass , it was so even there were bushes with red and white roses. On the hills were ferns shape in to letter that spelled {Roswell Academy} and when you walk up to the entrance the floor was white peach marble . There were a few marble tables and benches on the lawn of the school. Roswell Acadamy was five stories my house is ten stories. In a bech were some nerds reading ( I love nerds there so cute and nice) and on a marble table was Taylor and Amber and jocks and cheerleaders. School started on Monday but I miss it because of the show. Josh walk up to them while me and Seth staid in my car tho I came on Tuesday for my first day tho as skyler.

" You ready?" he ask as he kiss my head. I nodd and told him to open the door. Sure Taylor is famous and so is Josh but what Taylor and Josh said that freshmen are the ones that go crazy fan on them.

Seth walked out and I heard girls squeal , until I walk out and went to his side. Guys ran up to me and started saying " we are not worthy " or " thank you god" or " Marry me goddess of love". Chuckling I turn my ation to Seth witch was the same I didn't mine tho, we walked into class after tho I got scared since after the bell rang Hayley was out side the washroom with a smirk plastered to her face.

"Welcome to hell bitch " she said as I stepped into the bathroom. Hayley was evil and still is I have every right to be scared.

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