The Hidden Royal [5]

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Chloe ------------>>> 

Damien’s POV

“How was school sweetie?” My mom asked as she cut her steak.

I shrugged. “Same as usual, of course.”

She glanced up at me with teasing eyes. I cocked an eyebrow, questioning what she was up to.

“Have you met Michelle Haley?” She asked.

I stiffened when I heard her name. Images of the beautiful brunette rushed through my mind. I haven’t seen all of her face since her eyes are blocked off from her sunglasses. My wolf was begging me to take them off, but that seemed rude. I inhaled the air, expecting to smell her scent, but remembered she wasn’t here.

“Yes, I met her. She seems like a nice girl.” I replied, staring at my food.

She frowned. “You didn’t see anything odd with her?”

I shook my head. “No, why?”

“There’s just something special about her.”

You got that right. I wanted to say, but my parents would think I was weird.

“I’m going to my room.” I murmured, standing up from the kitchen table. My family stared at me with worry, but I’m used to it. I’ve been used to it since I found out who my mate was a year ago.

I slowly walked up the stairs to my room. The loneliness I felt was so overwhelming that I honestly wanted to die. I never expected the pain to be this bad until it actually happened.

I entered my room and stared at the pictures of my mate that I had framed and either hung them up on the wall and placed the others on my table side and dresser.

Picking up my favorite one, I flopped onto my back on the bed. I stared at her ice blue eyes that were framed by long black eyelashes. I wanted so badly to run my fingers through her soft blonde hair. I’ve never actually seen or felt her in person, but I know that it’s soft. Her full, pink lips looked so kissable and I sighed heavily. What I would do to kiss them…

She was perfect in every single way and I wouldn’t change anything about her.

Princess Victoria Markus…

When I found out she was my other half, it wasn’t exactly like it should be.

I turned eighteen and was watching TV at the time. When a picture and video of Victoria came onto the screen, I couldn’t help but feel shocked. As soon as I saw her eyes, I knew. Those eyes I wished to stare into in person one day.

So ever since, things have been very depressing. I wanted to meet her and tried several times. The guards wouldn’t let me pass, of course. Which is understandable since she is princess.

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