XXXVI- The Attack

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Indianna watched in horror as Cassie's lifeless body slumped to the floor and she cried out in shock. Suddenly she was shoved to the side by Greyson as he was attacked by one of the three guys. She fell to the floor and looked up just Greyson punched the guy in the stomach.

*Sugar, run!* Greyson screamed in her head. *Get the fuck away from Rogue!*


*Now is not the fucking time to argue with me!* He growled.

Indianna gulped and looked back at Cassie's lifeless body then to Greyson who was fighting one of the guys. She took a shaky breath and pulled herself up from the floor but before she could walk two meters a hand grabbed her arm and yanked her backwards. She gasped and her arms were pinned painfully behind her back and an arm was wrapped round her waist.

"Where do you think you're going, sweetheart?" Rogue said into Indianna's ear and she cringed.

"G-Get off me."

"That's no fun," Rogue whispered and Indianna squirmed in his grip.

"What do you want with me?" She whimpered.

"Like I said, we have history. I just want back what belongs to me."

"I don't belong to you!"

"Ah, but you're wrong," Rogue smirked.

"You killed my father! You're a monster!" Indianna gasped.

"Darling, stop struggling, I'm much stronger than you," Rogue said. "And I'm not a monster. He deserved what he got. Karma is a bitch."

"How can he deserve death!" Indianna whimpered.

"You'll find out soon, Indianna," Rogue said. "But firstly, I think you need another reminder of who you belong to."

"W-what!" She squeaked.

"Greyson has that stupid mark on your collarbone," Rogue snarled. "I have your precious scars." He touched Indianna's wrist and she flinched. "But I think for good measures I'll give you something else."

Indianna froze and she squeezed her eyes shut. He was going to attack her again. "P-please-"

"Don't beg, you sound pathetic," Rogue snapped and Indianna tensed when something sharp ran down her arm. Rogue's claws. Suddenly he shoved Indianna forward and thrust his claws into the back of her neck.

It was as if the whole world has stopped and in that exact moment all Indianna could feel was pain. It flooded her body immediately and an agonising scream ripped through the air. She fell to her knees, the pain that had filled her body was torturous and all of the energy she had was gone. Tears streamed down her face and Rogue looked down at Indianna, feeling no remorse whatsoever.

"You, darling," he snarled in Indianna's ear and twisted his claws making her scream out in pain again. "Are mine. Remember that." He ripped his claws out of Indianna's flesh and smirked at the three wounds that ran down her neck. They were all oozing with blood and ripped skin surrounded the wholes. He grabbed a fistful of Indianna's hair and roughly pulled her head back so she was looking up into the night sky.

She desperately wanted the darkness that was surrounding her vision to swallow up and take her away from the pain and Rogue, but she remained fully conscious.

"Don't cry, it's just a scratch," Rogue shrugged and ran a bloody finger down Indianna's cheek. He then crouched next to her and grabbed her chin, forcing Indianna to look forward at Greyson and the others that were struggling to fight off Rogue's men. Two more has joined and it was now 5 against 3.

Greyson was an amazing fighter and Harry was an extremely talented Warrior, but even with the help of Kal they were struggling. Greyson and Harry could no longer think straight. They were worried about their mates and their anger clouded their judgement. All Greyson wanted to do was run over to Indianna, decapitate Rogue and protect Indianna from everyone around her.

But he couldn't.

All he could do was listen to her screams and watch out of the corner of his eye as she was tormented by Rogue.

Greyson growled and ducked a punch that was thrown at him and he kicked his attacked in the stomach. Another one of Indianna's screams filled his ears and he snarled, grabbing the attacker by his neck and slamming him to the ground. Before the attacker could defend himself Greyson had rammed his fist into his chest and ripped out his heart. He dropped the heart to the ground and turned to the other attackers immediately.

It was now 4 against 3, but Greyson doubted Harry, Kal and him would last much longer. They were slowly getting beaten, they were taking more punches and growing weaker.

He looked over at Rogue who smiled at Greyson and whispered something in Indianna's ear that made her squeeze her eyes shut and look to the ground.

Greyson knew he had to do something and soon. This fight had to end, but he didn't know how to end it. He was surprised that a clueless teenager hadn't wandered into the fight, but the carnival was so loud the screams and yells were probably drowned out.

Greyson groaned as he was punched in the side and he stumbled backwards, glaring at his attacker. He defended himself, but he couldn't concentrate on the fight. He was too busy trying to figure out a way to make this stop.

He couldn't.

His mind was blank and-

A loud girly scream caught everyone's attention and Greyson sighed in relief when he realised it wasn't Indianna's.

Rogue stood up from where he was crouched next to Indianna and he dragged her with him as he turned around to see the female standing meters away from him, her hand covering her mouth in shock. Rogue frowned at the girl and Indianna whimpered. "R-run!" Indianna yelled weakly. "Run!"

Rogue didn't say a word and he dropped Indianna to the floor and took at step towards the female who squeaked in fear. "You run and you die," Rogue warned and Greyson took this distraction to run over Indianna and grab her, easily lifting her into his arm. The sparks soothed both of them and Harry growled loudly and snapped one of the attackers neck.

"Stacy!" Indianna yelled and it was then when Greyson, Harry and Kal recognised the female. "Run!"

"Shut up, darling!" Rogue shouted and span round, his eyes widening when he saw that Greyson was holding Indianna and that two of his men were dead.

"Stacy, fucking leave now!" Greyson ordered.

"No!" Rogue yelled, his voice filling with panic. "Don't run, girl!"

"S-Stacy," Indianna whimpered and Greyson panicked when Indianna's grip on his arm started to weaken. "Save yourself."

Stacy took one more look at the situation and then she turned around and ran away. Rogue growled loudly and looked at Indianna. "I'll be back, sweetheart," he promised and went to run after Stacy, but Greyson crouched down and wrapped his fingers around a piece of metal piping that was on the floor. He launched it at Rogue and it landed in between his shoulder blades, piercing the skin and lodging into his back. Rogue yelled in pain and stumbled, falling to the floor.

"I'm going to kill you," Greyson hissed. "Even if I die doing it." He then glanced at Harry and Kal and they both shoved the guys they were fighting away from them and ran through the gap they had created.

"You'll die trying!" Rogue forced out through gritted teeth and he dug his nails into the ground, hissing in pain.

"You wish," Greyson snarled and he held onto Indianna tightly as he followed Harry and Kal away from the carnage behind them.


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