school meet the new students and reunited with each other

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Sasuke's POV

I was sitting in my desk just like the other students were in this horrible school it was meaningless as it is and it seemed like we had nothing else to do but wait for the freaking teacher to get here cause apparently he's running late for the very first time in his life, but still why of all days I wasn't in the mood to deal with this it is now day four. But I do wonder where Kakashi is though I'd like him as a teacher than anyone else anyway. "Sasuke don't forget today is the day" sasukie whispered as I nodded.

"Huh what do you guys mean your doing something later on" ino says as we looked at her "no" we both said before looking back in front of us.

"OK class sorry I'm late i was called to the office" he says walking over to his hand "so today we have 2 new student and I want all of you to be nice to them" he says again as he soon looked at me and sasukie "sasukie Sasuke you two will be showing them around so don't bother pretending" he says while I rolled my eyes.

"Yes sir" sasukie says as he them looked at me "ok what ever" I just said leaning on my elbow.

"OK then you two can come in now" the teacher says as the door opens the first one was a blond with spiky hair he had on a hat and his eyes were a nice sky blue plus he had three lines on both sides of his cheeks.
He wore an orange shirt with blue jeans.

(Guys who this guy is hehe)

The second one was a raven with spiky he had a hood on so he was kinda hard to tell he had spiky hair. He had sky blue eyes he also had three lines on both sides his cheeks.
He also wore a black shirt with blue jeans this dude was copying me and Sasukie style.

(Guess who this guy's is XD)

But they do look familiar though like really familiar.

"You two introduced yourselves" the teacher says as he just shrugged. The teacher didn't seen to care I think he cared more about his teachings then the kids that were hear.

"Hi I'm Naruto Naruto Uzumaki nice ta meet cha" the blond said as he did a thumbs up soon he looked at me as he made eye contact but kept smiling actually he looked more happy when he looked at me than anyone else wow wonder but still familiar I can't keep, thinking about this I need to focuse.

"I'm menma Uzumaki hi" the raven one says as he soon looked at I think Sasukie and guess what though he didn't smile it showed in his eyes that he was happy wow congrats on hiding your feelings I'm impressed.

"OK Naruto menma you two sit wherever" the teacher says as he turned to the board.

Naruto whispered something to menma who just nodded before they walked separate ways and sat by me and Sasukie.

"Now class let's get to work now ok" the teacher says as he began writing on the door.

"Oh no" said Naruto beside me as he was going threw his book bag to get a note book "no I didn't bring a pencil" he says panicking "here have one of mine" I said as I out a pencil and handed it to him "thanks I promise to return it" Naruto says smiling as he started to write down what ever one the bored just like everyone else, but soon he fell asleep literally fell asleep that dobe looking over menma was still working.

"OK class this will be on a test I'm 5weeks and there will be homework" the teacher says turning around as he looked around "Naruto unzumaki wake up" the teacher shouted I think that scared him since Naruto got up and looked around him confused.

Third person POV

Naruto sighed as he was then saved by the Bell getting up with Sasuke sasukie and menma as they got ready for the next class along with everyone else. "So dobe what class do you have" Sasuke asks out of pure curiosity as he looked at Naruto, who didn't seem to like the name "teme" was all Naruto mumbled as he growled silently before handing the Uchiha his paper that told him which classes he had.

(OK I forgot what that thingy was called so I'm gonna go with paper that tells you what classes you have)

"Hm seems like we have all classes together" Sasuke says as he read the paper as he looked up at Naruto who looked surprised "hey menma we got the same classes that's so cool.....but to tell the truth I envy Naruto cause he gets all classes with my brother" sasukie says as he looked at his twin, "shut up sasukie" Sasuke says as he left the class room "well you guys coming or no" Sasuke says as the 3 ran after the Uchiha who was now waiting outside for them.

"Wait so does that mean I gotta spend the entire day with you teme" Naruto asked unhappy about it "guess so dobe....but you know you do kinda remind me of someone I know....but you probably don't know the little guy" Sasuke says as he sighed and looked down, as he was thinking about something as Naruto looked at Sasuke and tilted his head "now I'm curious you gotta tell me" Naruto says as he followed Sasuke to there next class.

"What ever dobe" Sasuke says as he just smirked lightly as Naruto growled again "I'll tell you later....maybe until lunch time" Sasuke teased as he walked in the class room as Naruto facepalmed "teme" he growled before going into the class room "you must be the new trancfer please sit were ever" the teacher says as Naruto nods and sits right beside Sasuke since he felt more comfortable.


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