XXXV- The Confrontation

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A few hours had passed. Indianna and Greyson had met up with the others and after Greyson had punched Kal, rather hard on the arm, they all went to get some candy floss. The six of them had spent a few hours wondering round the carnival, going on numerous rides and buying lots of food. Greyson and Harry had both won Indianna and Brooke a stuffed animal on a game and Indianna had to admit, the toy was adorable. It was a fluffy teddy bear with a blue bow round it's neck and was rather large.

Indianna couldn't help but feel like a giant kid.

Something was off however. She wasn't sure if she was being paranoid, but Indianna felt like she was being watched.

She wasn't sure if she was imagining seeing a dark figure out of the corner of her eye. She tried telling herself that she was imagining things, that she was being paranoid because of the threat of Rogue, but she couldn't calm her growing nerves.

Something wasn't right.

She clenched her clammy hands into fists and linked her arm through Greyson's, wanting the sparks to calm her.

They didn't.

"Sugar, what's wrong?" Greyson asked, sensing that something was off with Indianna.

"I don't know," she frowned and glanced over her shoulder cautiously when she saw the dark figure again. She jumped when she bumped into someone's shoulder and took a deep breath. "Greyson, I don't feel safe."

"Why?" Greyson demanded, suddenly turning serious.

"I er... Think someone might be watching us."

Greyson's eyes quickly scanned the area around them and he frowned. "Who?"

"If I knew the answer to that then maybe I wouldn't be so freaked out," Indianna muttered and Greyson pulled Indianna off to the side into a deserted alleyway of sorts behind a bunch of stalls that were lined up in a row.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"I thought I was being paranoid."

"You might be but I'm not risking it," Greyson muttered. "We're leaving, okay?"

Indianna didn't refuse and Greyson grabbed her hand firmly, pulling her back towards the large crowd of the carnival. However, someone blocked their path before they could leave.

"Where do you two lovebirds think you're going?"

Indianna gasped at the sinister voice and she tried to make out who the person was, but he was hidden by shadows. She could make out brown hair sticking out from under a hood but her eyes were drawn to the person the mysterious guy had in his hold.

"Cassie?" Indianna said, her eyes widening when she saw that Cassie had a knife held to her throat and her eyes were full of fear. Indianna's body went cold and her heart stopped at the sudden realisation. "Rogue," she whispered and the guy laughed- a horrible laugh that made Indianna want to run away and never come back.

The guy/Rogue stepped forward and his face was illuminated by the light. He had lightly bronzed skin and dark brown eyes, but it was his mouth that stood out. It took the form of an evil, sadistic grin. "Ah ah ah!" He said as Greyson forced Indianna backwards. "If you move an inch then this lovely little human will pay the price." Cassie whimpered when the knife drew blood and Indianna froze in her spot.

"Walk backwards now, sugar!" Greyson growled. Indianna had never heard him sound so dark and... Scary.

"Think carefully, Indianna, your stupid mate might not value human lives, but you do. Don't you, sweetheart?" Rogue called and Indianna looked between Cassie and Greyson, her eyes wide with fear.

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