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-Jacks POV-
Me, Mark and the gang were going to meet up at the new pub down the street from my hotel. It sounded like a lot of fun, I always enjoy hanging out with wade, Felix, cry, Ken and especially Mark. His body so muscle and toned, that smile his voice so deep and firm made me tremble. A single touch from him made my legs jelly. His eyes like melting chocolate and hair like a burning flame. I don't think he feels the same way me and him always joke around us being together but I actually mean those things. I know marks only doing it for the fans and to make fun of that septiplier ship. I really want to tell him how I feel, I know it's going to make Mark feel uncomfortable and ruin are friend ship so I decided to not tell him. I finished getting ready and headed to the pub I could see the lights from down the street. When I got there I saw Mark and Wade sitting at the bar, I didn't see Felix, cry or Ken anywhere I guess they aren't here yet. I walked up to the bar and Mark immediately ran up to me and hugged me. I felt myself blush a bright pink,

-Marks POV-
I was ordering a few shots for me and wade when I saw Jack. I got so excited I couldn't help but run over to him and sweep him off his feet.
"I'm so happy your here Jack I didn't think you would show with all the recording you need to catch up on" I set Jack back down and locked eyes with him his cheeks a bright pink and body almost shaking.
"Are you ok?" I asked in concern, Jack looked away from my gazed,
"Ya I'm fine, now let's get drunk" I laughed and pulled Jack over to Wade and handed him a shot followed by me and wade grabbing one.
"To getting hammered" I yelled out raising my shot glass up. Wade raised his and yelled out
"To getting hammered....wooahhhh" then I looked over at Jack who was eyeing me but quickly looked away when he noticed me looking at him. He then raised his drink
"Let's get so drunk we don't remember tomorrow" Jack said yelling out louder then any of us. I smiled and pounded down my shot.

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