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Wow, one chapter in a day? I'm on a roll!

~Next Morning~
Brendon's pov
He walked into the tour bus, somewhat worried about what the others were going to say.
"Hey Brendon" Dallon greeted.
"Hi?" Brendon replied. Then, Patrick walked in.
"Morning" Patrick greeted and then grabbed a cup from the counter. "Thanks"
"They're all acting like last night didn't happen" Brendon thought as he sat on the couch.
"Who gave you the right to take our cup?" Dallon called as he snatched the cup from Patrick.
"We don't have any clean ones!" Patrick protested.
"Its called washing dishes" Kenny commented as he strolled in.
"I'm going to see if Josh and Tyler are nicer than you" Patrick said as he walked out.
"Go to Starbucks instead of waking us up" Dan said as he walked in.
"It's true that short people are closer to hell" Dallon muttered.
"So..." Brendon said, "Uh, how is everyone doing?"
"You're secrets safe with us" Dallon assured.
"Ok" Brendon said.
"We have a show tomorrow" Zack announced as he put the setlist on the table.
"Great" Dan said as he looked at the setlist.
"Time To Dance, Victorious, Let's Kill Tonight, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Miss Jackson, This Is Gospel, LA Devotee, Emperor's New Clothes, Nicotine, Girls/Girls/Boys, Vegas Lights, The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Nine in the Afternoon, and New Perspective." Kenny read.
"Also, Patrick's asking if you don't mind preforming Twenty Dollar Nosebleed with him." Zack asked.
"Sure" Brendon said.
"Great" Zack said and left.

~An hour later~
Brendon walked out of the bus and caught sight of an envelope addressed to him. He opened it and a piece of parchment? fell out. It read.
"Dear Brendon Boyd Urie,
You have been summoned to stand before The Supernatural Court. You have shown yourself to a crowd of seven humans, not including your mate. You also have been deemed "dangerous" and Section 10 of the Supernatural Law states "All supernaturals deemed dangerous and are known by many humans (famous) must give up their fame." Additionally, you are accused of being sired by a demonwolf known as Parsvenemi whom has not educated you of supernatural laws and is held accountable. You shall appear before the court on September 22nd. Faliure to appear will cause you and anyone who knows your secret to be killed. You are allowed to bring witnesses, but they (with the exception of your mate) must be at least half supernatural
The Supernatural Court
Brendon stared at the letter. Supernatural Court? Sired by Parsvenemi? Brendon immediately went to Josh and Tyler.

"The Supernatural Court is kind of like the Volturi. There is a representative of each supernatural race in the judges." Josh explained.
"Why do they think I was 'sired by Parsvenemi?" Asked Brendon.
"They think you were shifted by another demonwolf of that name." Tyler said.
"What do I do?" Brendon asked.
"Wait until the tour ends and we'll visit a group of powerful supernaturals who could help you." Josh ordered.
"Until then, don't mention any of this to Sarah." Josh ordered.
Little did they know, the woman in question was under an open window and heard everything.

Here's a bit of action for you. Do you mind if I put My Chemical Romance into this story? I also might input a few OC's.
By the way, this isn't the end. It is just the beginning.

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