Ch. 8 Happy Birthday!

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Alpha Lennox Hall

I glance at the door one last time and pull away. Frustrated as hell. Three times we were interrupted; twice I was on the verge of lifting my hips and grinding myself against her. She is so small and perfect. Holding her cemented the fact that I won't want another as badly as I do her.

    I was working my way through her defenses, then her parents showed up. Things changed, she was more aware than the first time. She responded but she was still wary of me. Taking her to the pool was another bad idea. I couldn't stop staring at her. She has no idea what she can do with one look. When she started talking about pups, I lost it. My plan to make her feel safe with me evaporated. I saw the shock when I told her she shouldn't talk about it if she wants to keep her virginity. Dammit!

    I need her to trust me. Yet, I want her to know how badly I want her, too. I know I have to take it slow but I doubt I can. The mark I left on her neck is evidence enough. I almost marked her today and she would have let me. I don't know if it's her innocence, or if she trusts me not to mark her until her birthday. I will mark and claim her as mine, willing or not. I just rather she be willing. Her trust in me which makes her naïve and innocent. I can't guarantee that I won't take it further the next time we're together.

Should I tell her or let it happen naturally? Do I warn her not to let it go so far, like I did about mentioning the pups? At home I go inside and smell the revolting scent of vanilla immediately.

"Wendy, what are you doing here?" I ask, without seeing her. I like how Jocelyn smells like coconut, delicious. I can still smell her even under the strong odor of vanilla.

"I wanted to talk to you." She replies.

I hear her in the living room and stand at the entrance. "Make it quick."

"Did you like the brownies?"

"I said quickly." I reply irritated.

She stands up and walks towards me. She sees that I'm turned on and thinks it's because of her, I see it in her smile. "I was thinking maybe you could come to dinner tonight?" She asks, trying to sound sexy. She only managed to annoy me more.

"I'm busy."

I turn and walked away. I hear her start to follow me. "Get out." I order and her steps stop.

    When they start up again, it's in the other direction. Wendy is a year younger than me; she tried everything to get my attention. Playing the good girl and then switching to party girl. She would try to get me jealous and then play the victim. She never has held my interest or anything else for that matter. I don't think I could touch her without cringing.

I go into my room wishing I would have gotten Jocelyn here. I shower and get dressed for dinner. Leaving the room I see Liam walking towards me.

"You have a phone call from Alpha Rhys, of the Redwolf Pack."

I growl and walk past him to my office to take the phone call. "Alpha Rhys."

"Alpha Hall. I want to request that you lift the restricted leave on Jocelyn Robinson."

"Request denied. She's mine." I hang up the phone. It's only 4:40 p.m. but I walk to the truck and drive to the Robinsons. They didn't mention a time for dinner and I want to see Jocelyn again.

Jocelyn Robinson

As soon as I got in the door I was besieged by questions from my parents, luckily Marta told them everything she knows which is pretty much all of it. "Do you want to mate with him?" My mom asks, sitting at my desk while I get ready.

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