Ch. 8 Happy Birthday!

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Alpha Lennox Hall
I glance at the door one last time and pull away. Frustrated as hell. Three times we were interrupted; twice I was on the verge of lifting my hips and grinding myself against her. She is so small and perfect. Holding her cemented the fact that I won't want another as badly as I do her.
I was working my way through her defenses then her parents showed up. Things changed, she was more aware than the first time. She responded but she was still wary of me. Taking her to the pool was another bad idea. I couldn't stop staring at her. She has no idea what she can do with one look. When she started talking about pups, I lost it. My plan to make her feel safe with me evaporated. I saw the shock when I told her she shouldn't talk about it if she wants to keep her virginity. Dammit!
I need her to trust me. Yet, I want her to know how badly I want her, too. I know I have to take it slow but I doubt I can. The mark I left on her neck is evidence enough. I almost marked her today and she would have let me. I don't know if it's her innocence, or if she trusts me not to mark her until her birthday. I will mark and claim her as mine, willing or not. I just rather she be willing. Her trust in me which makes her naïve and innocent. I can't guarantee that I won't take it further the next time we're together.
Should I tell her or let it happen naturally? Do I warn her not to let it go so far, like I did about mentioning the pups? At home I go inside and smell the revolting scent of vanilla immediately. "Wendy, what are you doing here?" I ask, without seeing her. I like how Jocelyn smells like coconut, delicious. I can still smell her even under the strong odor of vanilla.
"I wanted to talk to you." She replies.
I hear her in the living room and stand at the entrance. "Make it quick."
"Did you like the brownies?"
"I said quickly." I reply irritated.
She stands up and walks towards me. She sees that I'm turned on and thinks it's because of her, I see it in her smile. "I was thinking maybe you could come to dinner tonight?" She asks, trying to sound sexy. She only managed to annoy me more.
"I'm busy."
I turn and walked away. I hear her start to follow me. "Get out." I order and her steps stop. When they start up again, it's in the other direction. Wendy is a year younger than me; she tried everything to get my attention. Playing the good girl and then switching to party girl. She would try to get me jealous and then play the victim. She never has held my interest or anything else for that matter. I don't think I could touch her without cringing.
I go into my room wishing I would have gotten Jocelyn here. I shower and get dressed for dinner. Leaving the room I see Liam walking towards me.
"You have a phone call from Alpha Rhys, of the Redwolf Pack."
I growl and walk past him to my office to take the phone call. "Alpha Rhys."
"Alpha Hall. I want to request that you lift the restricted leave on Jocelyn Robinson."
"Request denied. She's mine." I hang up the phone. It's only 4:40 p.m. but I walk to the truck and drive to the Robinsons. They didn't mention a time for dinner and I want to see Jocelyn again.

Jocelyn Robinson
As soon as I got in the door I was besieged by questions from my parents, luckily Marta told them everything she knows which is pretty much all of it. "Do you want to mate with him?" My mom asks, sitting at my desk while I get ready.
"I don't know. I like him sometimes but other times he scares me. He's just so intense." Then I remember his smile and his laugh, my heat skips. "He really is so beautiful when he smiles." I add, blushing.
"If you don't want to be with him, you can find someone else to claim you before the challenge." She offers as a suggestion. The challenge, I shudder thinking about it. It's the one time a year when anyone can challenge the Alpha for dominance. The winner gets to choose any unmated female from the pack eighteen years old or older to mate. Most years, I've heard Lennox doesn't get challenged but this year Tom said he was going to challenge him. I wonder if anyone else will. I've heard of the brutality of Lennox. I've seen Alpha Rhys fight these fights, too. Winning so quickly. In some cases, all I did was blink and the other wolf was dead. I think about what Lennox said. You wouldn't like what I'd do to him, and shudder again.
"No. There's no one else." Which is true, I don't want to have to rush and try to start impressing males, hoping to get them to mark me. They'd only end up hurt or worse killed by Lennox. I finish trying to curl my hair and give up, it looks just a little wavy. I put it up in a ponytail and gasp looking at my neck. Lennox left a sizeable purple mark on my neck, he even broke the skin in two places. It must have been left from his canines. I watch my mom smirk and walk out of the room. I guess I'll have to wear my hair down for a while. Mom comes back in with a bottle of foundation.
"Here, let me cover it." She offers.
"It's really dark." I warn, thinking nothing will help it. But it's worth a try. I wear my hair up a lot.
"It will cover most of it so it's not so obvious." She states. Dabbing the mark with the foundation, then covering it with loose powder. She's right, you can barely see it. I hug her and walk to the closet. I pick out a lavender loose sundress with a cream and brown belt.
I don't bother putting on shoes. "You look lovely."
"Thanks, mom."
"Put on heels. You don't want to look too short next to Alpha Hall."
"Yeah, I guess you're right." I put on my brown wedges and we hear the doorbell ring.
"I didn't tell him a time. We still have a half hour before the casserole is done and your sister invited someone too and he's not here yet." She panics.
"Relax, we'll just watch TV or something."
We walk out of the room and downstairs. I see my dad standing awkwardly with Lennox and smile. My dad hasn't said much to me since he found out earlier today. While Marta and my mom grilled me, he remained pensive. I walk up to them and I see Lennox looking at my neck and I cover it with my hand blushing. He removes my hand and licks his thumb wiping off the cover up. "Don't ever cover my marks."
I nod feeling uncomfortable with my parents watching this, knowing how I got this mark. Did he have to do it in front of them? Especially, my dad who looks so painfully uneasy he keeps shifting on his feet, looking anywhere but us. "Dinner's not ready yet. Want to go for a run or watch TV?" I ask.
"Doesn't matter."
"Well, I haven't run in a week. I'd really like to see some of the territory."
He nods in agreement and takes my hand walking to the back door. At the edge of the woods I pull my hand from his to go shift. I hear his low growl, but he lets me walk away behind a tree. I lay my clothes on a tree and seconds later I'm in wolf form instantly seeing, smelling and hearing better.
I walk out and see that Lennox hasn't turned and look at him questionably. He smirks. "You're beautiful." He states, looking over my pure white wolf. "I don't trust my wolf to keep from taking you." He adds, explaining why he didn't shift.
He starts walking through the woods and I follow staying by his side. He stops in the middle of an open meadow and looks down at me.
"You can run here but don't go out of my sight."
I take off happily, running around the edge where the trees meet the meadow. I chase a few birds and I scare a few mice. When I circle for the eighth time, I glance at Lennox seeing how ridged and tense he looks. I know looking at him he is fighting back his instincts to chase me. I walk slowly over to him and nudge his legs letting him know I want to go back. We start walking back, I'm fully aware I need to stay slightly behind him if I want to help him control his wolf even if everything in me is telling me to bolt.
I slowly walk away from him to get my clothes and I hear his warning growl. I freeze and turn to him keeping my head down. He stands in front of me then walks me to my clothes. Still standing where I can see him he turns and I take that as my cue to get dressed. I shift and put on my bra and underwear in record speed. Pulling my dress back on and belting it. I sit down on a stump to put my shoes on and walk to his side.
"Better?" I ask. Noticing he's not as tense.
He looks down at me. "You're lucky you stopped when you did." He answers, honestly.
Entering the back door I smell the Alfredo chicken casserole and my mouth waters. My favorite dish, well any pasta really. "Dinner's ready." Mom tells us and I lead the way to the dining table where I see Tom, Marta and dad sitting and talking.
"Sorry, I got caught up running." I apologize. Lennox pulls out my chair for me and I thank him and sit down. He sits next to me and the table gets quiet.
"What would you like to drink, Lennox?" I ask about to go get him something. Mom beats me to it, bringing out a pitcher of iced tea.
"Tea is fine." He replies. I stand and pour everyone's drink.
"So, did everyone have fun at the falls?" I ask, searching for something to say.
"Elizabeth got sick on Kyle. That was pretty funny. Then everyone from school started showing up and it got kind of crowded. You would've hated it." Marta answers.
"Still, should've been her choice to leave." Tom states.
I hear the growl start beside me and say, "Marta's right, I wouldn't have liked it. I don't like crowds."
"Do you have something you'd like to say to me?" Lennox asks, Tom. I flinch from the anger in his voice.
"Just that she's not eighteen. You haven't forcefully claimed her, yet. She should get a say-"
I blink and Lennox's arm reaches across the table gripping Tom's neck. He pulls Tom onto the table until they are face to face. "I would be very careful about what you say to me." He threatens. Then Lennox stands up and starts dragging Tom by the neck behind him.
"Do something! Calm him down!" Marta yells. I jump up and run to Lennox pulling on his belt trying to stop him from walking, but I just slide as he pulls me along.
"What do I do?" I ask, panicking.
"Distract him." Mom answers her eyes big.
Lennox throws Tom and I hear him landing roughly on the floor as he gulps greedily, trying to get air. I try standing in front of Lennox but he just picks me up and sets me aside. I look at my family with my arms up, "What now?" I ask, as Lennox advances on Tom.
"Grab his Willis and doodle-berries!" Marta shouts looking at Tom like he's about to die. I stand back in front of Lennox as he stands directly beside Tom and shove my hand down the front of his pants. I try to get all of him in my hand but I can't. I look at Marta worriedly. I hear a growl thinking he's still going to go after Tom.
"It doesn't fit in one hand! Do I use both?" I ask, almost in tears feeling like a failure. Knowing he's going to kill Tom. Why is this thing so big and hard? I feel it move and almost panic but I hold it tighter.
"Use both." I hear Lennox say from above me. I look up and see him smirking down at me and I feel mortified, like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I don't know how I was expecting to get out of this not feeling like a complete pervert.
"I'm sorry." I release him and pull my hands out of his pants at lightning speed. He groans and turns to Tom.
"Leave." He orders. Tom stands up and walks to the door. I'm relieved, I just hope Tom realizes he shouldn't challenge Lennox now, he won't win.
I look at Marta and my mom who are trying to stop from laughing at me. I swear to God, I will get Marta back for this. I walk over to her. "His Willis and doodle-berries! You couldn't think of anything else?" I whisper.
She giggles and Mom laughs. "Sorry, but it's the only thing you could reach. It's not like you could stand in front of him and kiss him." She answers. My mom picks up the tipped over cups on the table and starts serving the pasta. I can't even look at my dad or Lennox. Should I wash my hands?
Mom sets a plate in front of me and I start to eat not wanting to offend Lennox with going to wash my hands. I hear Marta smothering her laughter and glare at her.
"What?" I ask.
She laughs harder. "You were staring at your hand like you were wondering if you should wash it or not." She points out. I hate having a twin. They know you too well!
"I was not." I deny. I hear the deep rumble of Lennox's rough laugh. "Thanks, Marta." I groan.
Dinner was less dangerous with Tom gone. Lennox was more relaxed and the hands-down-his-pants incident was slightly referred to throughout the meal. Example, when Marta wanted more garlic bread she asked my mom to 'give her a HAND and HAND her the plate of bread'. In which my mom responded, 'should I use both hands?' Even I had to laugh.
Marta and I help mom clear the table while Lennox and Dad go to the living room to watch TV. I start rinsing the plates and putting them in the dish washer. When my mom leaves to take them pie for desert, Marta whispers, "Tom had a point. Have you thought of meeting anyone before our birthday?"
"I don't really want to. I'm already uncomfortable with guys, I can't imagine trying to flirt or suggest mating in two months."
"So you're just going to let him have his way? What if you actually meet someone?"
"You've seen what he can do. I like him, so it's fine." I whisper back. "I just wish it wasn't so sudden, but it's almost like he can't wait. He watched me run in wolf form and could barely contain his wolf."
"Have you told him you want more time? Maybe he'll listen."
I look at Marta knowingly. "There's no way that's going to happen. Trust me, he's hanging on by the skin of his teeth. I doubt he gives me the two months."
"You think he'll mate you without your permission?"
"I told you, he can't control himself. I've seen it. Look at this mark." I point to my neck. "He could have marked me, I wasn't even fighting. It didn't even cross my mind. He's-" I don't want to tell her this but I think I have to, maybe it will make sense to her. "He's the first guy to turn me on." I whisper, even quieter.
"Are you serious?" She chuckles.
"You think you needed to tell me that? I know you've never looked twice at a guy until he came into the picture. He's definitely hot enough to melt that glacier in your vagina."
I bump her with my shoulder and finish the dishes. "When he smiles-" I start saying.
She's already shaking her head yes in complete agreement. "The sexiest thing in the world." She finishes.
I laugh. "Exactly." I wash my hands and we go into the living room. My mom and dad are sitting on one couch and Lennox is in a chair leaving the love seat open for Marta and me. I follow Marta to the love seat but I'm stopped before I make it. Lennox grabs my hips and pulls me onto his lap. I settle into his arms and he kisses my mark giving me chills.
I wake up in the middle of the night still in the living room. The lights are off and there's a blanket over me. I realize I'm still on Lennox's lap, he cannot be comfortable. I try to pick myself up off him and slide out of his arms. I get one foot on the floor when he wakes up and pulls me back down. "Where are you going?"
"To bed. You can't be comfortable with me on you like this."
He kisses my neck. "I'm very comfortable."
I'm wide awake now but I try to make myself comfortable again. I feel Lennox unbuckle my belt and take it off me. I have to admit it feels better off. He starts to lift my dress by bunching it up on the sides and it lifts slowly. My breathing speeds up. Do I tell him to stop?
His hands on my thighs feel warm and calloused. His fingers tease the inside of my upper leg and I moan when they brush against my underwear. He does it again, only this time more deliberately and he doesn't stop with one touch. He starts to trace my thong and then surprising me he rips it, allowing his fingers to touch my flesh. I bite my lip to stop myself from moaning. As he caresses me, I feel him slide a finger inside. I can't help my gasp of pleasure. My hands tighten on the arm rests.
Lennox pushes me forward and I hear his zipper and he shuffles a bit. He takes my right hand and brings it behind me and in front of him. "I want you to touch me." He whispers. I feel the length of him. He's hard and big. Yet his skin is soft and hot. I try to concentrate on touching him as he continues to explore me. He pulls my dress over my head and drops it beside the chair. The cool air feels nice against my heated skin. With one hand he unclasps my bra and it joins my dress. His one hand still plays with my sensitive nub and the other cups my breast. When I start to shake coming close to something, I feel him pinch and pull on my nipple making me come undone. My thighs shake and I moan loudly. I feel him grunt and jerk up in my hand, spilling wetness on my back.
I lean back still coming down from his touch. I've never experienced anything like that before, it was amazing. He picks up my clothes and hands them to me. Before I can put them on he carries me upstairs and to the bathroom. When he turns on the light I try to cover up which only makes him smirk. "I'm getting in with you, sweetheart." He states turning the shower on. He sets me on my feet and I keep my clothes in front of me as he starts to strip. Eyes wide I look away and jump under the still cold spray. I can tell he's amused when he opens the glass door and stares at me.
"I've never been naked in front of anyone before." I tell him hating my shyness.
"Get used to it." He smirks. Taking the soap in his hands and working up a lather, he starts rubbing it into my skin washing every part of my body with slow strong hands. By the time he's done I'm breathing heavily again. He gently pushes me against the tile and kisses me thoroughly. Making me want him even more. He pulls back and says, "I have to stop."
I nod. Knowing he knows his limits and respecting him more for it. I step out of the shower handing him a towel and get one for myself. We walk to my room and he dries off and gets in the bed completely naked. I walk to my closet and put on a big t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts. Walking to the bed he pulls me to his chest.

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