Chapter 6- Truffles

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-Hard Rock Cafè

I opened the doors to the familiar cafè and walked right into the kitchen where my buddy was busy flipping some pancakes.

"Well I was hoping you can hook me up with the special", I exclaimed and Ralph spun around with a bright smile.


He shouted excitedly and engulfed me in a bear hug. I laughed out as he spun me in a circle.

"Where's the old man?"

I asked as he set me down on my feet. Ralph doesn't answer me but instead, he looks me up and down and then back to my face with a surprised grin.

"Damn, Ave...if I wasn't gay, I'd have you wrapped around me on this table right now", he commented with a sly grin.

I gasped and slapped his arm.


"I am sorry but you look hot...too hot", he glances at the pancakes and then to me, "I can fry this pancake on you".

I laughed and sat down on the stool.

"As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, where's the boss?"

"He's out and since you're gone for the daytime I am a loner flipping everything in here", he exasperatedly puts it.

I chuckled and saw Mr. and Mrs. Bartolina sitting in their seat eating pancakes. A smile crosses my lips and I looked over to Ralph who was openly staring at me.

"I'll be working on the night shifts only. Besides, I should tell you how working at Elliot is", and as suspected, Ralph listened to me attentively whilst cooking.

He also made me a cream cheese paste which he spread on the croissants and a fruit salad. I had him pack it and I left to go to work.

-Elliot Incorporate

It was just ten minutes past seven so I head to my office since the building was already open. Setting my breakfast on my desk, I checked my emails and saw that the delivery guy will be here any minute. Quickly, I got to the lobby and saw the truck parked outside. Without wasting time, I signed and took my box up to the office.

I gasped when I saw Ian dumping my breakfast in the bin. A pissed expression on his face as he saw me with the box.

"That was my breakfast!" I moreso exclaimed. Is this guy for real?!

Dressed in his suave suit, he looked so handsome like those GQ models.

"No eating in the offices!" He exclaimed back and I stood rooted to the floor.

His eyes drifted to the box and then to me, "What's in the box?"

I set it down and I felt with every move I make his eyes followed. The feeling was like fire all over my body, a sensation I never experienced before.

"I wanted to customize my office so I bought some stuff", I replied as I straightened back up.

But the point was, he threw my breakfast in the bin!

"You threw my breakfast in the bin", I stated calmly even though inside I was resisting the urge to go all mama bear on him.

"There is a rule that states no eating in the offices, are you illiterate?" He hurls another insult at me with his domineering manner.

I sigh, "No I am not and besides, I wasn't aware of this rule. All you could have done was give it to me and I'll happily escort myself out of the building and eat my breakfast. I am early too so I have time to eat before intervening with my work".

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