playfighting and a bloody murder

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Naruto and menma were playing around as they were now 18 they even looked there ages to since they've grown and the last few years as they were in the forest far away from towns and cities.

Naruto bit menma eat playfully as he growled but menma soon flipped both them over as they ended up rolling down a hill together as they growled. "Naruto mensa come and eat" kyuubi called for us as we broke apart and began heading back home with there tails wagging "last one there is a bad rabbit" Naruto yelled as he ran and menma just laughed as they ran at the same speed.

Once at the house the burst threw the front door at the same time yelling 'I won'.

Kyuubi smiled but then it faded as he looked at his brothers "guys we gotta talk" he says looking worried as the two nods.

<Time skip >

Naruto 's POV

"Stupid kyuubi" I said to no one as I growled I was laying on my bed flat on my tummy my tails swaying in annoyance as I took out my scrap book as I looked threw it and I don't know if that was a good idea or bad but in the scrap book was filled with pictures of me and a guy that I've been having trouble remembering the name of hut every time I look, at these pictures they make me so happy I wish I could see him again it seemed like we had done a lot together.

Picking up the book a envolope fell out of it as I tiled my head sideways in confusion as I opened it in there was two pictures and a note. Curiosly I started to read the note first.


Dear kitten,

It's me itachi me and my brothers loved being with you, menma, and kyuubi so I took a lot of other pictures to but I gave some of the others to menma and kyuubi.

I really hope you treasure these two pictures of you and Sasuke he's gonna miss you.


I just stared at the not as I couldn't be leave it as I took out the picture as it was me I was small back then and there was the same guy in my scrap book I was hugging him and he was hugging back then second one he was kissing my forehead looking at the picture I heard a nock at my door but payed, no mind to it as someone stepped in "hey Naruto le........Naruto are you OK...why are you crying" the person says as I looked up at him to see menma as I slowly reched my hand up and touched my cheek as it was wet. "I don't know why I'm crying......hey menma have you been looking threw your scrap boon lately" I asked him as my twin nods and puts a hand on his hip in confusion.

"Did something fall out of your scrap book" I asked again as he nods "ya actually that's what I came to talk to you about that I even got two picture" menma says as he was confused and I shrugged while looking back at the picture.

After some time I placed it in the scrap book while putting it under its hiding place making sue menma didn't see that then got out of bed "eat was it that you needed though" I asked out of pure curiosity "no it doesn't matter but we...gotta.....uh you know just pack your bag we gotta go get more food for us to survive" menma says as I nodded.

Grabbing the bag in need I fallow ed menma since I was already dressed and all I had to do was hide my ears and tail I'm totally fine with that to. So now I was waiting at the front door for menma who was running over to me "OK let's go" menma says ashe pulled his hood over his head I did the same as we both left for town.....well was about to until kyuubi stopped us "no don't actually" kyuubi started off as he sighed.

Thinking about it I guess I see a point why he needed us to do this so here I am getting ready to go somewhere were leaving the forest and renting annappartment yay. Soo I grabbed everything I was gonna need like clothes of course running to rhe bathroom I got my favorite bubble bath hey font juge me.

Shapoo and conditioner plus my toothbrush and toothpaste and may other personal things.

Grabbing my other bag in packed my money in it then my scrap book, and sketch book and plus this blanket that i always had it calmed me when ever there was a storm.

It still smelled of blueberries I got addicted to that sent it was like a drug to me but I couldn't help it.

Once done I went into the living it seemed like they were ready two "OK got what you guys need" kyuubi asks as menma jumped up "we coming back right" he asks as kyuubi shool his head menma was Gina literally he ran to his room in like I don't know bit it was quick though as he sighed, "OK I'm ready to go" he says as we nodded and left the house saying our good-bye while he adding into town.

While doing soon we bumped into some people on the way they were two girls one with pink hair and the other blond "hi there nice to meet you guys are you new here" one of them asked and we'll I was terrified of her as I started to walk away having menma and kyuubi Chace after me so I wouldn't get louset, in the town once they cought and found out we were even close to out destination now as sighed happily walking towards the building.

"Yes we're here" menma cheered as he smiled happily. While I nodded "yup"


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